International Symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Sustainable Energy

 April 26 – 1 May, 2009
Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia
The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT), is pleased to announce CONV-09, an international symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Sustainable Energy, taking place in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, during 26 April – 1 May, 2009.



The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers, scientists in a forum to exchange innovative ideas, methods and results, and visions of the future related to the general theme of convective heat and mass transfer.
This meeting will focus on two main themes: Firstly, a heavy emphasis will be placed on presentation and discussion of theory, experiments, and applications of convective heat and mass transfer. Secondly, attention will be focused on significant recent advances in convective heat transfer in conversion systems of renewable energy. The importance of such systems is continuously increasing to a point where their dimensioning and design become dominant factors for energy sustainability.


A wide range of topics related to classical and emerging areas of convective heat and mass transfer applications will be covered, including:

  • Computational methods in fluid flow and heat transfer
  • Experimental methods of characterization and metrology in convective heat transfer problems
  • Enhancement of heat exchangers
  • Solar heating and cooling
  • Fluid mechanics and turbulence in wind power 
  • Cooling of fuel cells 
  • Micro and nano scale convective heat and mass transfer 
  • Unsteadiness and transients in convective heat and mass transfer
  • Instabilities
  • Imaging, flow visualization and data analysis 
  • Boiling, condensation, two-phase flows 
  • Mass transfer, pollutant dispersion 
  • Interaction of convection with conduction, radiation, and chemical kinetics
  • Thermo-solutal convection