Convective heat and mass transfers are encountered in various domains, including heat exchangers, electric and microelectronics cooling, automotive and aerospace, air conditioning, fuel cells cooling, building engineering as well as conversion of renewable energy. 

The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers in a forum to exchange innovative ideas, methods and results, and visions of the future related to the general theme of convective heat and mass transfer.

This meeting will focus on a presentation and discussion of analytical, numerical and experimental methods used in the study of the fundamental researches and applications in convective heat and mass transfer.


A wide range of topics related to classical and emerging areas of convective heat and mass transfer applications in both steady and transient states will be covered, including:

  • Enhancement of heat exchangers
  • Natural, forced and mixed convection
  • Convective heat transfer in solar heating and cooling systems
  • Heat and Mass transfer in fuel cells
  • Heat and Fluid Flow in Micro/Nano Scales
  • Nano-fluids characterization
  • Impinging jets
  • Mass transfer, pollutant dispersion
  • Thermo-solutal convection
  • Heat and mass transfer in building
  • Boiling, condensation, two-phase flows
  • Melting and solidification
  • Heat and Mass transfer in Biomedical devices
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis of electronic cooling
  • Measurement techniques and identification
  • Imaging and data analysis in convection