Keynote Speakers

The keynote lectures will be delivered by :

·        Prof. Renato Cotta, University of  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : “Unified Integral Transforms Algorithm for Convection-Diffusion in Irregular Geometries and Complex Configurations”

·        Prof. Yogesh Jaluria, The State University of New Jersey, USA: “Combined Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Convective Transport”

·       Prof. Y.L. He and W.Q. Tao, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China : “Heat Transfer Enhancement:Mechanism, Evaluation and Applications”

·        Prof. Abdulmajeed. A. Mohamad , University of Calgary, Canada : Simulation of Blood Flow with Lattice Boltzmann Method

·        Prof. Gian Luca Morini, University of Bologna, Italy : “Experimental techniques for the analysis of Single-Phase Forced Convection in Microchannels”

·         Prof. Yasutaka Nagano, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan : “Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer due to Active Coherent Motions near the Wall”

·        Prof. S. A. Sherif, University of Florida, USA : “Heat and Mass Transfer in Microchannels  


Dedication lectures will be presented by

·        Prof. Sadik Kakaç, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey : "Numerical Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer with Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids and Thermal Dispersion"

·        Emeritus Prof. Jacques Padet, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France

who will be honored at the Symposium for their career contributions to the field of convective heat transfer.