METU & Turkey


  • METU’s Mechanical Engineering program is ABET accredited, making transfer of credits easy to other ABET accredited institutions.
  • Students typically enroll in the 3 credit fuel cell and 3 credit elective class.
  • METU is an English medium university and all METU classes are in English.
  • Students live on campus during the week, which is a self-contained community and an easy place for international students to live.
  • Many Turks outside of METU only know Turkish, giving students critical experience in a non-English speaking country.
  • A New Middle Eastern University with Modern Western World Objectives: Written in 1960 by W. R. Woolrich (former Dean of Engineering at The University of Texas-Austin) and published in the Journal of Engineering Education, this paper describes how American and Turkish academics and statesmen collaborated to establish METU at the height of the Cold War.  This historical connection between the US and METU provides the context for this exchange program.
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 In 2007 Turkey was the world's 9th most visited country. Although relatively unknown to many Americans, Turkey is a favorite vacation destination for Northern Europeans due to the sun, beaches, history and mountains.