Details & Costs

Dates: June 23 to August 10 (1-week orientation and 6-week course).

Tuition + Program Fee:

Exchange Students (students from universities with an exchange agreement with METU) pay tuition to their own university and a $1500 program fee.

Other Students (students from universities without an exchange agreement with METU) pay $4000 which covers both tuition at METU and the program fee.

Other Costs: The following costs are estimated based on costs from previous years, will vary with current exchange rates, and are not included in the program fee.

$500          On-campus dorm

$500          Food

$100          Book

$300          Field trips & Tours

Varies       Airfare to/from Ankara.

***Disclaimer: This web page contains tentative information for ISEP 2012 based on ISEP-2009, 2010 and 2011. The actual ISEP 2012 program will depend on the number and type of students enrolled and level of sponsorships and is subject to change.***