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Greek Island : Chios


Earliest inhabitant and first King according to tradition, was Inopion, the son of Dionissos or Thisseus and Ariadne, who came from Crete and taught the locals how to grow vines.

The name of Chios comes from Chiona, who was the daughter of Inopion. According to Ion, however, the name comes from Hios, the son of Neptune, at the birth of whom, too much snow (hioni) fell on the island.

According to a third option by the historian Isidoros, the name Chios comes from the Phoenicians and, in Syrian language, it means "mastic".

The island was at times mentioned by other names as well, which were lost in time, such as Pitioussa (because of its pines), Makris because of its shape (Makri = long), Aethalea (because of its volcano) and Ofioussa (because of the many snakes = ofis, on it).

The archaeological findings (at Ag. Galas and Emporios) prove that the island has been inhabited since 6.000 B.C .

About the city of Chios there is some evidence earlier than the first Ionian colonization when the Ionians from the mainland inhabited Chios around 1000 B.C. and developed it into one of the greatest cities of the ancient times. Chios was one of the 12 city states on the mainland of Asia Minor and some near located islands constituing the Ionian Confederacy, also known as Panionian Dodecapolis.

Not only did Chians make a profit by transporting goods from one place to another, but also by trading on their own agricultural and industrial production. The unique mastic was not the only source of wealth. In the seventh century BC Malas establishes the famous Chios School of Sculpture and a number of great sculptores Mikkiades, Bupalos, Archermos, Athenis, Maalas and Glavkos were graduates of the school.

In the 6th century BC Chios was a large city, the population of which is estimated at 60.000 -80.000 people not counting the slaves.

The ferry (daily from 01/04 till 31/10) stops in Chios-city and gives you time for shopping .

When joining this tour, do not forget your passport/ID card and visa to Turkey (make sure to have a multiple entrance visa otherwise you will have to buy a new visa upon return)

For this tour we offer a return ferry tickets.

This tour is only a return ferry ticket and return transfer to the Cesme Port .  No organized  tour on the island are planned not included in the price.

Excursion ferry ticket per adult : 35,- Euro (Return for the same day)

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