Objectives & Scope

The symposium is the eighth in a series on combustion and related topics, held by the scientific communities from countries around the Mediterranean.

The first Mediterranean Combustion Symposium was held in Antalya, Turkey, June 1999, the second took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, January 2002,  the third in Marrakech, Morocco, June 2003, the fourth in Lisbon, Portugal, October 2005, the fifth in Monastir, Tunisia, September 2007, the sixth in Corsica, France, June 2009, and seventh in Sardinia, Italy, September 2011. In the last Symposium 204 papers and 8 plenary lectures presented by eminent scientists made the symposium a very successful scientific event.

A set of contributed papers will be selected for post-conference publication in special issues of "Combustion Science and Technology”, "Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science” and “Flow Turbulence and Combustion” Journals as it was for the previous symposium. The MCS aims at the common efforts of the scientific communities from countries around the Mediterranean Sea in soliciting works and promoting the participation of scientists, engineers and students from the same area. Participants from all countries of the world are welcome and submission of papers from groups not located in this region is greatly appreciated since it is considered a valuable contribution to enrich different points of view as well as to communicate last achievements in the field. All topics and all the scientific/technological approaches in the combustion field are pertinent to this Symposium. The technical program will consist of invited lectures by eminent specialists from all over the world, oral presentation of the contributed papers and posters of the work-in-progress.