Paper Title : Numerical and Experimental Study of Gas Flow Characteristics in Microscale Nozzles
Author(s) : T. Araki, H. Iwai, K. Suzuki

Paper Title : Application of Aspheric Optics for High Intensive Radiant Flux in Optoelectronic Devices
Author(s) : J. Avaliani, Z. Avaliani, I. Kordzakhia, D. Shalamberidze

Paper Title : Short-time Radiative Transfer Through Thin Scattering Slabs : A Numerical and Theoretical Study
Author(s) : R. Elaloufi, R. Carminati, J.-J. Greffet

Paper Title : Study of Phonon Heat Transfer in Metallic Solids from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Author(s) : P. Chantrenne, M. Raynaud, D. Baillis

Paper Title : Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Evaporation and Condensation
Author(s) : Z. Wang, M. Chen, Z. Guo

Paper Title : Flow Friction in <100> Silicon Microchannels with Different Aspect Ratio
Author(s) : H. Wu, P. Cheng

Paper Title : Fractal Dimension of the Microchannel Wall Roughness in <110> Silicon
Author(s) : Y. Chen, P. Cheng

Paper Title : Micro-Droplet Movement by Programmed Roughness Surface
Author(s) : C.-J. Li, F.-C. Tseng, F.-G. Tseng, C.-C. Chieng

Paper Title : Numerical Simulation for Micro-Droplet Movement due to Marangoni Effect
Author(s) : F.-G. Tseng, K.-T. Ma, Y.-T. Tseng, C.-C. Chieng

Paper Title : The Disparate Thermal Conductivity Of Carbon Nanotube And Diamond Nanowires Studied By Atomistic Simulation
Author(s) : J. F. Moreland, J. B. Freund, G. Chen

Paper Title : Study on Rapid Transient Explosive Boiling Induced by Pulsed-laser Irradiation
Author(s) : X. Huai, D. Liu, Z. Dong, R. Jin

Paper Title : Study on non-Fickian Effect during Rapid Transient Mass Diffusion
Author(s) : X. Huai, D. Liu, R. Jiang, G.-X. Wang

Paper Title : Size Effect on Free Convection in a Square Cavity
Author(s) : Z. Guo, Z. Li, X. Luo

Paper Title : Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Electrical Resistance Micro-Thruster
Author(s) : X. Lu, P. Jiang, Z. Ren, X. Sun , T. Tao

Paper Title : New Insight into Microscale Transport Phenomena in PEFC by Quantum MD
Author(s) : R. Jinnouchi, K. Okazaki

Paper Title : Radiative Coherent Thermal Emission by Microstructured Materials
Author(s) : F. Marquier, J.-P. Mulet, K.Joulain, R. Carminati, J.-J. Greffet, Y. Chen

Paper Title : FT-ICR Study of Precursor Clusters of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs)
Author(s) : M. Kohno, S. Inoue, A. Yabe, S. Maruyama

Paper Title : Pumping Mechanism of Thermally Driven Phase Transformation Type Micropump
Author(s) : X. Yao, M. Wang, Z. Li, Z. Guo

Paper Title : Thermal Transport in Single Nanowires and Nanowire Arrays
Author(s) : D. Li, A. Abramson, S. Huxtable, L. Shi , A. Majumdar

Paper Title : Thermal Transport in Superlattices
Author(s) : A. Abramson, S. Huxtable, A. Majumdar

Paper Title : Modeling Fluid Flows in Microchannels
Author(s) : E. Mamut, D. G. Cacuci

Paper Title : A Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Heat Conduction in a Carbon Nanotube
Author(s) : S. Maruyama

Paper Title : Study of Transient Flows of Microparticles Suspension by Use of the Tangential Microfiltration Process
Author(s) : R. Miri, R. Joulie, G.M. Rios

Paper Title : Laminar-to-Turbulent Flow Transition in Micro-Channels
Author(s) : G. Morini

Paper Title : Energy and Momentum Transfer in an Ultra-Thin Liquid Film Under Shear Between Solid Surfaces
Author(s) : T. Ohara, T. Yatsunami

Paper Title : Very High Frequency Inductive Hyperthermia of Mechanochemically Activated Sodium Chloride
Author(s) : V.E. Orel, M.I. Danko, N.M. Dzyatkovskaya, A.V. Romanov, Yu.A. Melínik

Paper Title : Combined Electrical and Optical Heating in Thermal Wave Microscopy of Semiconductor Devices
Author(s) : D. Dietzel, J. Pelzl, B.K. Bein, H. Roecken

Paper Title : Oscillatory Behavior of Nanodroplets
Author(s) : S. Arcidiacono, Y. Ventikos, D. Poulikakos

Paper Title : Spectrally Selective Radiators and Absorbers with Periodic Microstructured Surface for High Temperature Applications
Author(s) : H. Sai, H. Yugami, Y. Kanamori, K. Hane

Paper Title : Phonon Transport in Periodic Micro-Porous Silicon Thin Films
Author(s) : D. Song, G. Chen

Paper Title : Analysis of Microscale Boiling
Author(s) : Y. Tian, X.F. Peng

Paper Title : Dynamics of Neutron Produced Collapsing Bubbles
Author(s) : R. I. Nigmatulin, I. Sh. Akhatov, N.K. Vakhitova, R. Kh. Bolotnova, K. R. Zakirov, A. S. Topolnikov

Paper Title : The Effects of Scattaring on Micro Energy Transport
Author(s) : A. Karakas, M. TunÁ

Paper Title : Thermal Response of Silicon Crystal to Pico-Femtosecond Heat Pulse by Molecular Dynamics
Author(s) : S. Volz, R. Carminati

Paper Title : Parallel Numerical Solution for Gaseous Flows in Micro-Channels
Author(s) : X. Wang, Q.W. Wang, W.Q. Tao

Paper Title : Interfacial Behavior of Growing Bubbles in Bead-packed Structure
Author(s) : Z. Wang, X. F. Peng

Paper Title : The Use of Centrifugal Fields in Electrochemical Energy Conversion
Author(s) : B. Worth

Paper Title : Research of Nano-TiO2 Photocatalytical Coating to Clean Major Pollutants within Air
Author(s) : J. Xiao, X. Zi, T. Kang, X. Yin, C. Ma

Paper Title : Determination of Frequency Band of Phonons Conducting Heat in Fractal Media
Author(s) : S. R. Yang, Z. M. Xu, J. G. Wang, X. Guan, G. H. Wang

Paper Title : Fluid Interface Dynamics and Phase Transitions Inside Carbon Nanotubes
Author(s) : C. M. Megaridis, A. G. Yazicioglu, ÷. Aytekin, J. Libera, Y. Gogotsi

Paper Title : Thermal Characteristics of a Micro Heat Pipe with Axial Triangular Grooves
Author(s) : L. Zhang, T. Ma, X. Ge

Paper Title : Transmission Enhancement by Using a Negative-Refractive-Index Layer
Author(s) : Z. M. Zhang, C. J. Fu

Paper Title : Heat Transfer Characteristics Under Acoustic Cavitation Field with Additive of Nanometer Granule
Author(s) : D. Zhou, D. Liu, X. Hu

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