International Symposium on Micro/Nanoscale Energy Conversion and Transport Phenomena

14-19 April 2002
Merit-Limra Hotel
Antalya, Turkey

SUNDAY, April 14, 2002

15:00–18:30 Registration

                    Merit-Limra Hotel, Reception Area

MONDAY, April 15, 2002

8:30–9:00     Registration

                    Merit-Limra Hotel, entrance of the meeting hall

9:00-9:15     Opening

                     Welcome:  A. Majumdar and F. Arinc

                    Greetings: S. Sideman

9:15-10:00    Keynote Lecture: Dimos Poulikakos
                     Title: On microscale energy conversion and mechanical power generation through explosive vaporization from microheaters
                     Moderator: Arun Majumdar

SESSION 1: Micro/Nanoscale Energy Conversion and Transport in Solids    Chair: Gang Chen

10:00-10:20  “A molecular dynamics simulation of heat conduction in a carbon nanotube”
                     S. Maruyama

10:20-10:40  “Thermal transport in single nanowires and nanowire arrays”
                     D. Li, A. Abramson, S. Huxtable, L. Shi, A. Majumdar

10:40-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

11:00-11:20  “Study of phonon heat transfer in metallic solids from molecular dynamics simulations”
                      P. Chantrenne, M. Raynaud, D. Baillis

11:20-11:40  “Thermal transport in superlattices”
                     A. Abramson, S. Huxtable, A. Majumdar

11:40-12:00  “Phonon transport in periodic micro-porous silicon thin films”
                     D. Song, G. Chen

12:00-12:20  “The Physical Removal of Nanoscale Particles from Surfaces”
                     A. Busnaina, H. Lin

12:20-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

15:00-15:45    Keynote Lecture:Sam Sideman, A Landesberg
                     Title:Molecular Engines: conversion of biochemical to mechanical energy in the cardiac muscles
                     Moderator:D. Polikakos

SESSION 2: Single Phase Flow in Micro/Nanostructures    Chair: A. Majumdar

15:45-16:05  “Numerical and experimental study of gas flow characteristics in microscale nozzles”
                     T. Araki, H. Iwai, K. Suzuki

16:05-16:25  “Laminar- to-turbulent flow transition in micro-channels”
                     G.L. Morini

16:25-16:45 COFFEE BREAK

16:45-17:30  Keynote Lecture: A. Yabe
                     Title:Advanced energy conservation technologies utilizing micro/nanoscale phenomena
                     Moderator: G. Chen

17:30-17:50  “Energy and momentum transfer in an ultra-thin liquid film under shear between solid surfaces”
                     T. Ohara, T. Yatsunami

                     Merit-Limra Hotel

TUESDAY, April 16, 2002

9:00-9:55      Keynote Lecture:G. Chen, B. Yang, W.L. Liu, R.G. Yang, D. Borca-Tasciuc, A. Jacquot
                     Title: Energy conversion and transport in nanostructures
                     Moderator: K. Goodson

SESSION 3: Short Length and Time Scale Radiative Interactions    Chair: K. Goodson

9:45-10:05  “Transmission enhancement by using a negative-refractive-index layer”
                     Z.M. Zhang, C.J. Fu

10:05-10:25  “Short-time radiative transfer through thin scattering slabs: a numerical and theoretical study”
                     R. Elaloufi, R. Carminati, J.-J. Greffet

10:25-10:45  “Radiative coherent thermal emission by microstructured materials”
                     F. Marquier, J.-P. Mulet, K. Joulain, R. Carminati, J.-J. Greffet, S. Mainguy, Y. Chen

10:45-11:10 COFFEE BREAK

Chair: Z. M. Zhang

11:10-11:30  “Spectrally selective radiator and absorbers with periodic microstructured surface for high temperature applications”
                     H. Sai, H. Yugami, Y. Kanamuri, K. Hane

11:30-11:50  “Thermal response of silicon crystal to pico-femtosecond heat pulse by molecular dynamics”
                     S. Volz, R. Carminati

11:50-12:10  “The effects of scattaring on micro energy transport”
                     A. Karakas, M. Tunç

12:10-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

SESSION 4: Micro/Nanoscale Multiphase Phenomena    Chair: A. Yabe

15:00-15:20  “Fluid interface dynamics and phase transitions inside carbon nanotubes”
                     C.M. Megaridis, A.G. Yazicioglu, Ö. Aytekin, J. Libera, Y. Gogotsi

15:20-15:40  “Vibration Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Materials: Molecular Dynamics Study”
                     S. H. Park, J.S. Lee, Y.K. Choi, H.J. Kim

15:40-16:00  “Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Evaporation and Condensation”
                     Z. J. Wang, M. Chen, Z. Y. Guo

16:00-16:25 COFFEE BREAK

WEDNESDAY, April 17, 2002

9:00-9:45      Keynote Lecture:Ken Goodson
                     Title:Thermal Engineering of Electronic Micro and Nanostructures
                     Moderator: A. Yabe

SESSION 5: Micro/Nanoscale Energy Conversion Devices    Chair: K. Okazaki

9:45-10:05  “Pumping mechanism of thermally driven phase transformation type micropump”
                     X.-B. Yao, M.-R. Wang, Z.-X. Li, Z.-Y. Guo

10:05-10:30 COFFEE BREAK

10:30-10:50  “Feedstock for micro fuel cells: efficient hydrogen production in the reverse-flow authothermal catalytic microreactors with fractal structuring of the catalytically active surface”
                     T. Kikas, H. Zhang, I. Bardenshteyn, C. Ejimofor,P. Puri, C. Phillips, A.G. Fedorov

10:50-11:10  “The use of centrifugal fields in electrochemical energy conversion”
                     B. Worth


THURSDAY, April 18, 2002

9:00-9:45      Keynote Lecture:R. Carminati
                     Title:Radiative transfer at mesoscopic scale: the basic concepts revisited
                     Moderator: S. Maruyama

SESSION 6: Micro/Nanoscale Chemical or Phase Change Effects    Chair: R. Carminati

9:45-10:05  “FT-ICR study of precursor clusters of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs)”
                     M. Kohno, S. Inoue, A. Yabe, S. Maruyama

10:05-10:25  “Gas Transport in Nanoporous Hydrophobic Media”
                     A. Kaisheva, I. Iliev

10:25-10:45  “Oscillatory behavior of nanodroplets”
                     S. Ardiciacono, Y. Ventikos, D. Poulikakos

10:45-11:10 COFFEE BREAK

11:10-11:55  Keynote Lecture:Arun Majumdar
                     Title:Statistical Thermodynamics, Energy Conversion and Transport in Biomolecular Devices
                     Moderator: K. Goodson

11:55-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

SESSION 7: Energy Conversion and Transport in Micro/Nanostructures    Chair: S. Volz

14:00-14:20  “New insight into microscale transport phenomena in PEFC by quantum MD”
                     R. Jinnouchi, K. Okazaki

14:20-14:40  “The disparate thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube and diamond nanowires studied by atomistic simulation”
                     J.F. Moreland, J.B. Freund, G. Chen

14:40-15:00  “Study of transient flows of microparticals suspension by use of the tangential microfiltration process”
                     R. Miri, R. Joulié, G.M. Rios

15:00-15:25 COFFEE BREAK

15:25-15:45  “Size effect on free convection in a square cavity”
                     Z.-Y. Guo, Z.-X. Li, X.-B. Luo

                     Moderator: D. Poulikakos

                     F. Arinc & A. Majumdar