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The symposium will comprise

·    keynote lectures to be delivered by prominent researchers on sustainable energy in buildings and urban areas;

·    oral presentations of peer-reviewed contributed papers; and

·    poster presentations of work-in-progress contributions

Papers should be prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Authors. These Instructions are also available as a Word document which may be used as a template for your papers.

The language of the symposium will be English.

Authors are asked to send their abstracts and (after contributing authors’ abstracts are accepted) their full papers as Word documents by email to

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Any queries regarding submission of papers may be sent to this address.  The timetable for submission is given on the Important Dates page.

Proceedings: All contributed papers and keynote lectures will be published by Begell House Inc. in a Proceedings CD-ROM. They will also be available for download from the Begell House Electronic Data Center (http://www.edata-center.com/).

Journal publication: Begell House also publishes the journal International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment, IJECE. The principle aim of the Journal is to describe, compare, and evaluate innovative technologies that will maximize the efficiency of energy production and utilization while minimizing the production of undesirable emissions into our atmosphere, our earth, and our water supply. Fundamental and applied contributions to the IJECE are encouraged, and papers from industry and end users are welcomed. IJECE deals with interconnected themes covering the reduction of local and global environment degrading emissions while increasing the production of high quality energy. It is an ISI reviewed journal.

Therefore, SEBUA-12 authors who believe their papers are of journal (archival) standard are invited to advise the Secretariat of ICHMT if they wish their papers to be considered for publication in International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment, as well as for presentation and publication at SEBUA-12. (Note: Begell House Inc. will own the copyright of both the journal and the proceedings, eliminating the problem of duplicate publication so that the same paper may, subject to review, appear in both places.)




1 March 2012    
Maximum three-page abstracts

1 June 2012   
Full text of papers

15 August 2012    
Maximum three-page abstracts for work-in-progress posters

7 Sep.  2012   
Early-bird registration deadline


To provide a forum for the scientists and engineers to present and review the most recent developments in the fields of sustainable energy in buildings and urban areas.