TUESDAY, August 19, 2003
17 :10 - 18 :40

  Chair: T.H. Mai

  Experimental evaluation of the fouling behavior of crude oil in a refinery heat exchanger network
L. Oufer, N. Labsi, N. Amokrane, S. Ouzani, A. Mouheb

  Transient laminar mixed convection flow in a vertical tube under high Gr number condition
C.T. Nuguyen, G. Roy, M.A. Landry, S.E.B. Maiga

  Rapid cooling of a cylinder in a liquid bath with injection of fresh liquid
S. Chikh, K. Bouhadef, A. Campo

  Integral approach of the transient convective heat transfer over a plate exposed to a temporal variation of heat flux
M. Lachi, M. Rebay, E. Mladin, J. Padet

  Modeling of unsteady “gas–droplets” systems
G. Miliauskas, J. Gylys, S. Sinkunas, V. Sabanas

  Influence of pressure on hydrodynamic instability (thermal oscillations) in a forced flow boiling of nitrogen in a channel
A.V. Klimenko, A.M. Sudarchikov

  The effect of non-stationary heat transfer features on the behavior of the boundary between boiling regimes
A. Pavlenko, I. Starodubtseva, A. Matsekh

  A study of heat and mass transfer in a dryer with immersed channels
K. Daoud, F. Bentahar

  The Investigation of emergency pressure relief of decomposing organic peroxides
A. Wetzel, J. Steinbach

  Effect of boundary temperature fluctuations on flow instability in an inverted vertical Bridgman apparatus
E. Semma, M. El Ganaoui, V. Timchenko, E. Leonardi

  Transient heat and mass transfer within a salt-gradient solar pond under real external conditions
R. Ben Mansour, C. T. Nguyen, N. Galanis

  A computer simulation of transport structures in liquid phase electroepitaxy under applied magnetic field
S. Dost, Y. Liu, H. Sheibani, B. Lent

  On some latent heat effects on unsteady flow controling crystal growth
M. El Ganaoui, E. Semma, R. Bennacer, O. S. Mazhorova

FRIDAY, August 22, 2003
9 :40 - 11 :00

   Chair : N. Galanis

  Lattice Boltzmann simulation of flows in a three dimensional porous structure
 G. Bella, M. Bertolino, R. Rotondi

  Capillary pressure-saturation relationship in porous media including water, lnapl and ethanol
A. F. Baytas, A. Ishakoglu

  Hydrodynamic behavior of condensate of carbon dioxide in the subcritical region
I. Ishihara, H. Mori, R. Matsumoto, K. Takemori

  Dependence of tube bundle heat transfer on foam flow parameters
J. Gylys, M. Jakubcionis, G. Miliauskas, S. Sinkunas

  Numerical Analysis of a rectangular closed-loop thermosyphon
G. Desrayaud, A. Fichera, M. Marcoux

  A study on the critical heat flux temperature
S. Yildiz, G. Bartsch

  Experimental investigations on a liquid flow in a channel provided of porous obstacles
M. Bouhadef, K. Bouhadef, S. Chikh

  Double-diffusive natural convection in a partielly porous square enclosure ; effect of the inclination
O. Rahli, K. Bouhadef

  An experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of plate absorber through flow rate of cooling water
H.-S. Lee, K.-S. Bang, C.-G. Moon, J.-D. Kim, J.-I. Yoon

  Numerical study on compactness of vertical plate absorber
C.-G. Moon, T.-T. Phan, J.-D. Kim, E. Kim, J.-I. Yoon


   Chair: J. Szmyd

  Heating surface temperature fluctuation characteristics near a flow obstruction simulating a spacer of a bwr in a transient boiling flow within a vertical annular channel
T. Fukano, S. Mori

  Numerical study of boiling heat transfer in a heated channel
M. Khalij, S. Moissette, P. Gardin, J.L. Borean, B. Oesterlé

  Study on micro-layer thickness in a micro-channel vaporizer
Y. Utaka, Y. Tasaki

  Finding optimum operating condition of the regenerator in a solar air-conditioning system
K. H. Choi, J. I. Yoon, J. S. Woo, and D. E. Kim

  Natural convection of air in a square cavity
D.Akrour, R.Bennacer, D.Kalahe