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Customs Formalities generally include forbidden or limited items being brought into the country, or items registered beforehand in the owner’s passport. In general all types of sharp instruments and weapons are forbidden. Personal belongings can be brought in provided they will be taken out on exit. International regulations mean that there are certain procedures for the type and amount of these personal belongings.
For further information, see the web – site of Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretaries of Customs or Ministry of Tourism of Turkey ( or



A current international vaccination certificate is requested from those participants arriving from infected areas. It is highly recommended to check this with the airline that you will be travelling or your travel agent.



The monetary unit is the Turkish Lira (TL), which comes in bank notes of 1, 5, 10, 20 and TL 100.00 (Turkish Lira) . Smaller denominations come in coins of 1 kurus , 5 kurus , 10 kurus, 25 kurus , 50 kurus and 1 TL (1 TL = 100 kurus).

ATMs can be found everywhere. All major credit cards or bankcards (a strip of logos is usually displayed above the ATM) are widely accepted. Almost all ATMs have a language key enabling you to read the instructions in English, and mostly German.

The hotels, restaurants and shops honour all major credit cards. Restaurant and shops generally display signs indicating which cards are accepted. 

You can exchange cash at a Currency Exchange Office or in the banks.



The electrical current in Turkey is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC); wall outlets take continental-type plugs, with two round prongs.



The average day temperature during August is quite warm and humid, whereby temperatures can reach up to 35-42º C with a humidity of 60-70 pct. Hotels and meeting facilities are air-conditioned.



Turkish is the official language of the Turkish Republic and it is a Ural-Altaic language related to the Finno-Ugric. Turkish is written in Latin alphabet and is spoken by some 150-200 million people around the world. English and German are widely spoken in cities and resorts.



Antalya is the capital city of the Antalya Province, located on the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The population of the city is 603,190 (2000 census), but reaches up to 2 million in summer at the height of the tourist season. Situated on a steep cliff, Antalya is a picturesque city surrounded by mountains, forests, the Mediterranean Sea and many ancient ruins with one notable archaeological museum. With its airports (2 International Terminals and 1 Domestic Terminal), it forms a gateway for Turkey's coastal resorts

Turkish Time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +2), and 1 hour ahead to Central European Countries (GMT + 1).



Banking Hours

Banks are open weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 9:00 AM until 12:00, and from 1:30 PM until 5.00 PM. However, there are some banks, which render services throughout lunch breaks.

Business Hours

Shops and bazaars are normally open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 7.00 PM, and closed all day on Sunday. However, most stores in shopping malls and popular streets are open seven days a week, including lunch breaks. You can find restaurants or cafes open virtually at any time of the day and/or night.


The value-added tax, here called KDV, is 18 % and is nearly always included in quoted prices. In Turkey, there are many opportunities to benefit from Tax Free Shopping, more than 2.000 retail outlets offer the service. All visitors residing outside of Turkey, living abroad are entitled to claim back taxes. Retailers that qualify for tax refunds must be "authorised for refund". These retailers must display a permit received from their respective tax offices. For the purchaser to benefit from this exemption, one must leave the country within three months with the goods purchased, showing them to the Turkish Customs Officials along with the appropriate receipts. With the deduction of the handling fees and similar, visitors receive approximately 12 % of the applied 18 % VAT as refund.

Medical Care

Turkey has a very complex health care system, because of the existence of different plans and departments involved in this sector. The Ministry of Health coordinates all health care and related social welfare activities. Article 60 of the Turkish Constitution quotes: "Every individual is entitled to social security. The State takes the necessary measures to create this confidence and founds the organisation". Therefore, the Ministry is responsible to provide health care for the people and organise preventive health services, build and operate state hospitals, supervise private hospitals, train medical personnel, regulate the price of medical drugs nationwide, control drug production and all pharmacies.

The social security system in Turkey is composed of three different major organisations:

  • Social Insurance Institution (SSK)
  • Pension Fund for Civil Servants (Emekli Sandigi)
  • Social Security Institution for the Self-employed (Bag-Kur)

There are many private hospitals all over the country taking full care in world standards.


Turkish Cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor. In addition to being the refined product of centuries of experience, the Turkish Cuisine has a very pure quality. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients are guarantees of delicious meals.

Besides, it is quite easy to find international cuisines all around the Antalya Region; you have the change to enjoy even the Chinese (Cantonese) Cuisine. The fish restaurants offer very delicious Sea foods with their secret sauces.


Tipping in the restaurants is expected, with around 5 to 10 percent of the order amount. Taxi drivers do not have to be tipped. Hotel porters will expect a tip (Porterage) of around Euro 2 - 3.

Sports Facilities

Antalya is situated at the Turquoise Riviera and boasts fine marinas, world-class golf courses and sea sports from scuba diving to windsurfing.  The region around Antalya offers excellent sports facilities such as golfing, horse riding, rafting, diving, trekking, tennis and football, yachting along the strikingly beautiful coastline of South-Western Turkey.


Turkey’s GSM operators have a wide range of roaming agreements with foreign operators. It is possible to use most of the Cellular phones in Turkey.

Public telephones have two different systems. Some of them work with cards while others work with tokens. They are both sold in post offices and tobacco shops. For international calls it is advisable to purchase such cards.

All over Turkey, phone numbers consist of two sections: area code with three digits and the number itself of 7 digits.

Same area / city calls                          to dial the 7-digit number

From area to another area                    0+area code, then the 7-digit number

International calls                                00+country code + area code + number



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To provide a forum for the international thermal and fluid sciences communities to present and review the most recent developments in heat transfer and thermal control applied to modern, high-temperature gas turbine systems.


The symposium will be held in the Dedeman Hotel , Antalya, a resort on the South West Coast of Turkey, which is very close to Aspendos , one of the archaeological gems of Western Turkey.  Read more...