Selection, Presentation and Publication of Papers

Papers will be assessed for oral presentation at the symposium on the basis of a 600 word (2-3 pages, including figures) extended abstract.  They should not have been previously published. A bound volume of the abstracts will be provided to participants at the meeting. A guide for preparation of abstracts is given here.

Authors may also present their most recent work, or work in progress, as a poster without having to write a paper. There will be a special session for recent-work posters. One-page abstracts of recent-work posters will be included in the bound volume of abstracts. A guide for preparation of recent-work-poster is given here .

The Proceedings of the symposium will be published by Begell House, Inc. Selected papers will be submitted for journal publication. Authors are encouraged to bring preprints (50 copies recommended) for distribution at the symposium.