International Symposium on ?Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Systems?

9 - 14 August 2009
Antalya, Turkey
The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT), is pleased to announce TURBINE-09, an international symposium on  Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Systems, taking place in Antalya, Turkey, during 9 - 14  August 2009.



To provide a forum for the international thermal and fluid sciences communities to present and review the most recent developments in heat transfer and thermal control applied to modern, high-temperature gas turbine systems. To be presented are: experimental results and techniques, computational studies and methods, and design recommendations.  Aspects of heat transfer in rotating machinery to be addressed include:

  • Combustor and transition section heat transfer,
  • Heat exchange to turbine airfoil and endwall surfaces within the gas path, 
  • Stator internal heat transfer,
  • Disk cavity and blade internal flow and heat transfer,
  • Innovative cooling techniques, and
  • Heat exchange in turbines with combined cycles.

Thermal aspects of other sections of the turbine (e.g. the compressor) will also be included. The results of this conference should be valuable to researchers in heat transfer as well as to designers of gas turbine systems.