Dear Colleagues,

Like everybody else we regret that world affairs dictated changes in plans and we had to postpone VIM01.

The new selected date is May 12 - 17, 2002 in the same beautiful hotel in Antalya.

We have by now prepared the Abstract book for printing and are in the process of review and editorial work on the papers submitted for VIM01. However, all this needs modifications, depending on you.

At this point in time we are optimistic about the future and we would like to know if the new date will allow you to participate in the Symposium, so that we can get on with the job of submitting the papers to the publisher.

In order to do that we need to know your plans. If you plan to attend the Symposium and you have not as yet submitted the paper, please advise (see below).

We have to emphasize that the number of papers as well as the number of pages are limited by the publisher, so we need to finish the reviewing process and know whether to accept new registrations for the May Symposium, and if so how many.

Your cooperation in this matter is very important and we thank you for a quick response.

For your convenience here is a short questionnaire.

Looking forward to seeing you in Antalya in May,

With kindest regards,

Sam Sideman


To: Prof. Sam Sideman,

From: _______________

Re: Intention to participate in VIM 01 - May 12-17, 2002.

* I/We have submitted an extended Abstract ? yes / no

* I/We have already submitted a paper? yes / no

* I/We plan to submit the paper shortly yes / no

* I/We plan to participate in the Symp. yes / no

Comments: ___________________________________________