Dear Colleague,

Below is an update on VIM-01 symposium, "Visualization and Imaging in Transport Phenomena"

We hope to see you in Antalya in May, 2002

With best wishes,

Faruk Arinc


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATE OF THE SYMPOSIUM HAS BEEN MOVED TO 5-10 MAY 2002. This is a week before the date that was previously announced.

The reason is to avoid a conflict of dates with another conference in the same hotel.


January 15, 2002Extended abstracts (to Chairman, S. Sideman)
February 15, 2002Notification of contributed paper (oral or poster ) acceptance
March 1, 2002Abstracts of poster presentations on recent work (with no paper) (to Chairman, S. Sideman)
March 15, 2002Notification of poster acceptance
April 1, 2002Final copies of manuscripts (to Chairman, S. Sideman)
April 1, 2002Registration Form (to ICHMT Secretariat)
April 10, 2002Post-Conference Tour Form (to Pamfilya Travel Agency)


Please do not forget to send a new registration form to ICHMT Secretariat. If you have already made some payment as registration fee and/or hotel room charge, please indicate this with a note on the form. We will send you a confirmation afterwards.


The programmes of oral and poster presentations that are now on the Web site are the old ones. They will be modified as soon as possible.