International Symposium on Visualization and Imaging in Transport Phenomena

05-10 May 2002
Adora Golf Resort Hotel
Antalya, Turkey

SUNDAY, May 05, 2002

15:00–18:30 Registration

                    Adora Golf Resort Hotel, Reception Area

MONDAY, May 06, 2002

8:00–8:30     Registration

                    Adora Golf Resort Hotel, Entrance of Meeting Hall

8:30-9:00     Official Opening

                    Chair:       S. Sideman and T. Kobayashi

                    Welcome: F. Arinc and K. Okamoto

                    Greetings: U. Akbulut, President, METU

9:00-10:20    SESSION 1: Enhanced Visualization    Chair: K. Okamoto

                     Keynote Lecture: A. Tamir
                     The interaction between art and science: imaging & imagination

                     Keynote Lecture: A. M. Bruckstein
                     Insights into visualization

10:20-10:50 COFFEE BREAK

10:50-12:10  Keynote Lecture: M. Ota*, Y. Qi
                     Visualization of molecular dynamics by simulation

                     M. Machacek*, Th. Rosgen
                     Photogrammetric and image processing aspects in quantitative flow visualization

                     A. Rachek*, J. Padet, M. Stoian, C. Padet
                     A new definition of contours in images. Applications in heat and mass transfer

12:10-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

15:00-16:40  SESSION 2A: VIM – Dynamic Fields    Chair: V.E. Orel

                     Keynote Lecture: K. Hanjalic*, S. Kenjeres
                     Simulation and identification of semi-deterministic structures in turbulent convection

                     M. Fuchiwaki*, K. Tanaka
                     Vortex structure in unsteady separation around a pitching airfoil

                     B. Matijasevic*, Z. Guzovic, V. Martinis
                     Image of phenomena in transient boundary layer of free rotating disc

                     L. Neau*, J. Pruvost, O. Rodriguez, T.P. Loc
                     Effect of a splitter plate in the near wake of a divergent trailing edge

16:40-17:00 COFFEE BREAK

17:00-18:00  SESSION 2B: VIM – Dynamic Fields    Chair: K. Hanjalic

                     T.P. Chong*, S. Zhong, H.P. Hodson
                     Visualization of turbulent wedges under favourable pressure gradients using shear sensitive and temperature-sensitive liquid crystals

                     Ch. Darnault*, D.A. DiCarlo, T.W.J. Bauters, T.S. Steenhuis, J.Y. Parlange, C.D. Montemagno, Ph. Baveye
                     Visualization and measurements of multiphase flow in porous media using light transmission and synchroton X-rays

                     Adora Golf Resort Hotel

TUESDAY, May 07, 2002

8:30-10:30    SESSION 3: System Dynamics & Circulation    Chair: E. Ritman

                     Keynote Lecture: A. Landesberg*, Y. Landesberg, S. Sideman, H. ter Keurs
                     Imaging molecular motion of muscle motor dynamics

                     U. Baysal*, J. Haueisen
                     Modelling the spreading cortical depression (SCD) wavefront

                     Y. Sugii*, A. Nakano, S. Nishio , M. Minamiyama
                     Measurement of velocity fields in microvessels using high resolution PIV technique

                     A. Korzynska*
                     Neutrophils’ movement in vitro

10:30-10:50 COFFEE BREAK

10:50-12:15  SESSION 4: VIM Phase Change    Chair: M.Shirakashi

                     L.R. Tao*, T.C. Hua
                     Microscopic study of crystal growth in cryo-preservation solutions

                     V.D.Golyshev, M.A. Gonik*, A.N. Kovalenko, E.V. Zharikov
                     Study of low melt flows during NaNO3 solidification by AHP method

                     J. Aleksic*, P. Zielke, J.A. Szymczyk
                     Temperature and flow visualization in a simulation of the czochralski process using TLCs

                     S. Inada
                     Visualization of droplet boiling on the heating transparent solid surface with different thermal property

12.15-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

15:00-16:10  SESSION 5: Heat & Mass Transfer    Chair: Ch. Darnault

                     A. Tamir
                     Thermodynamics and fluid flow via art

                     H. Kimoto*, Ch. Nuntadusit, K. Hamabe
                     Visualization of flow and heat transfer augmentation on oblique impingement jet

                     H. Hayami*, M. Hojo, S. Aramaki
                     Visualization of Flow in a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor

16:30-16:50 COFFEE BREAK

16:50-17:40  G. Polidori*, X. Gassmann, J. Padet
                     Unsteady flow patterns in the vicinity of a heated wall mounted transverse ribs

                     L. Goubergrits*, K. Affeld, P. Debaene
                     Investigation of active mass transport phenomena inside a microcapsule

18:00-19:00 POSTER SESSION

WEDNESDAY, May 08, 2002

8:30-10:10    SESSION 6: VIM Particles & Jets 1    Chair: T.A. Kowalewski

                     Keynote Lecture: Y.A. Hassan
                     Multiphase flow visualization utilizing particle image velocimetry (PIV)

                     A. Seeger, K. Affeld, L. Goubergrits*, U. Kertzscher, E. Wellnhofer
                     X-ray based flow visualization & measurement application in multi-phase flows

                     J. Richard*, A. Susset, J.P. Vantelon
                     Velocity measurement by particle image velocimetry using a direct intercorrelation algorithm. Application to the interaction between a water mist and a liquid pool fire

                     H.M.Choi, T. Terauchi, H. Monji, G.Matsui*
                     Visualization of bubble fluid interaction by hybrid MOFIA system

10:20-10:40 COFFEE BREAK

10:40-12:05  SESSION 7: VIM Particles & Jets 2    Chair: Y. A. Hassan

                     H.Hu*, T. Saga, T. Kobayashi, N. Taniguchi
                     Simultaneous velocity and concentration measurements of turbulent jet mixing flows

                     P. Schober*, R. Meier, O. Schäfer, S. Wittig
                     Visualization and Phase Doppler Analysis (PDA)-Measurements of oscillating spray propagation of an airblast atomiser at engine typical conditions

                     B. Chen*, M. Nishio, Y. Song, S. Someya, M. Akai, S. Masuda
                     Numerical visualization of two-phase plume formation in stratification flow environment

                     K. Fujii*, N. Tsuboi, N. Fujimatsu
                     Pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) experiment and the comparison with CFD visualization for jet flows over a plate


THURSDAY, May 09, 2002

8:30-10:10    SESSION 8: VIM Particles & Jets 3    Chair: S. Someya

                     Keynote Lecture: T. A. Kowalewski
                     Particle image velocimetry and thermometry for two-phase flow problems

                     R. Dizene*, J.M. Charbonnier, E. Dorignac, R. Leblanc
                     Transonic injection in interaction with transverse compressible flow

                     V. Sivadas*, M.V. Heitor
                     Visualization studies of an acoustically excited liquid sheet

                     S. Someya*, T. Munakata, M. Nishio, K. Okamoto, H. Madarame
                     Flow observation in two immiscible liquid layers subject to a horizontal temperature gradient

10:10-10:30 COFFEE BREAK

10:30-12:15  SESSION 9: Transport & Metabolism 1    Chair: J. Haueisen

                     Keynote Lecture: E.L. Ritman*
                     Fast CT-based quantitation of myocardial perfusion and intra-vascular blood volume-evaluation with a radiologic flow phantom

                     Keynote Lecture: M. Oshima*, T. Kobayashi, K. Takagi
                     Biosimulation & visualization

                     J. Haueisen*, M. Ziolkowski, U. Leder
                     Time varying current density distribution in human heart and brain

                     L. Dumortier, F.Wilquem, C.Hirsch, J.M. de Smet*
                     Flow in an arteriography-based coronary artery network. Comparison between CFD and simplified models

                     M.M. Gonik*, A.B. Mishin, D.A. Zimnyakov
                     Visualization of the blood microcirculation parameters in human tissues by using the time-integrated dynamic speckle analysis