Reference Paradigms

References are cited in the text with superscript numbers, and are listed sequentially in the reference section. Please do not use the footnote function of your word-processing software.  Place reference numbers outside of the period and comma but inside of colons and semicolons where there is punctuation.   For papers with more than three authors, you may include one, two, or three names, plus et al.  Please be consistent within the paper.   Author names should be entered with initial capital letters only; please do not use ALL CAPS.

Journal article:
1.  Jones, T. J. & R. M. Smith.  1976.   Ground states of molecules: A semiempirical study.  J. Am.  Chem. Soc. 78: 123-128.
2.  Saltman, S.  1999.  Three-dimensional optics in low-light circumstances:  A photojournalist's dilemma. Science 286: in press.

Chapter in a book (or paper in a published proceedings):
3.  Bernstein, J. T.   1986.  Gastroesophageal reflux.  In Modern Surgical Techniques.   P.E. Romero & O. J. Evangelista, Eds.: 77-79. Plenum. New York, NY.
4.  Walker, M. M. & J. L. Katz.  1984.  Mechanisms for the bonding of bone to dense hydroxyapatite.  In Transactions of the Society for Biomaterials.  Vol. 7:  152.  Society  for Biomaterials.  Birmingham, AL. 

Two ways to handle a reference to a serial publication:
5.  McEvoy, H.A. et al. 1995.  Treatment of hepatic metastases.  In Annual Seminars in Clinical Medicine, Vol. 17.  R. M. Zollinger, Ed.: 22-33.  Yearbook Medical Publishers.  Chicago, IL.
6.  McEvoy, H.A.  et al.  1995.  Treatment of hepatic metastases.  Annu. Sem. Clin.  Med. 17: 22-33.

Unpublished proceedings:
7.  Cohen, T., J. Guttman & M. Lagano.  1999.  Neighborhood and the ethos of civitas.  Presented at the Seventh Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations.  Brooklyn, NY, June 25.

8.  Greenberg, A.  2000.  A Chemical History Tour.  J. Wiley & Sons, Inc.  New York, NY.  In press.

9.  McCaffrey, M. J.  1986.  Modern Cavedwellers of Andalusia.  Ph.D. thesis,  Columbia University, New York.

10.  Tscherter, R. H. & M. M. Dreyfuss, inventors; Sandoz, assignee.  1982. Belgian patent 877,065.  Date of application: February 15.

12.  Malmoli, S.  1993.  Structural frequency of the G string in the guitarre ancienne [abstract].   Am. Ethnomusicol.  34: 12-13.