The outstanding recent progress in computer technology and image processing now allows to address, simulate and analyze very complicated 3D dynamic systems involving momentum, energy and/or mass transfer in the practice of engineering and medicine. These include analysis and display of vectorial fields, tensorial data sets, and sequential dynamic events which occur in the 3D space and involve one or more temporal variables. The success of the International Symposium on Imaging in Transport Processes,organized by the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT) in Athens,Greece, in 1993, suggests the need to review new modern developments and anticipate future research efforts.

Attention will be focussed on visualization, measurement and analysis of velocity, concentration and temperature fields in non-animate systems and transport and motion in living tissues. Of particular interest is the interplay between visualization of Transport Phenomena, and the quantitative information contained within the visual images, leading to better design of engineering devices and better diagnostics and therapeutics in physiological systems.

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