Several min-symposia and sessions are also being organized, besides the various topics already mentioned in the initial call for papers. Some of these are given below, with the names of the people organizing and chairing these given within parentheses. Additional ones are being planned.

  • Professor Patankar dedication (Profs. S. Acharya, B.R. Baliga and J. Murthy)
  • Computational biological heat and mass transport (Prof. P. Nithiarasu)
  • Advanced computational techniques (Prof. D. Pepper)
  • Computational radiation transfer (Profs. P. Menguc and J. Howell)
  • Numerical methods and simulations for compact heat exchangers (Prof. Q. Wang)
  • Micro and nanoscale heat transfer (Prof. M. Zebarjadi)
  • Energy materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage (Prof. W. Chiu)
  • Thermal treatments of biological tissues (Prof. S.P. Vanka)
  • Constructal design principle and numerical optimization (Prof. J. Meyer)
  • Hybrid methods (Prof. R. Cotta)
  • Modeling and simulation of multiphase flow and heat transfer (Prof. G. Lauriat, E. Chenier and S. Vincent)
  • Numerical methods for porous media (Prof. O. Manca)
  • Numerical simulation of transport in nanofluids (Prof. O. Manca)
  • Verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (Prof. A. Emery)