Previous Years

In previous years students attended a similar summer program at METU focused on fuel cells. Here are what some of these students said;

  • Learning about fuel cells in Turkey was a unique and incredibly enjoyable experience.
  • Come with an open mind… Turkey is a great place with some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met
  • METU is a great spot for [an exchange…], which is nice for people with no international experience going to a country as different as Turkey. 
  • The structure of Dr. Baker’s class requires you to work very hard during the week so that you can have fun on the weekend.
  • As an international student, it is your responsibility to do well in class, but take advantage of your time to travel.
  • The projects are interesting and engaging and they also help you meet the Turkish students.  You made the right decision to come to Turkey and I know you’ll have a great experience in ODTÜ like I did.
  • [The weekend] trips gave us a chance to learn about Turkey and were extremely fun. The Turkish students were more than happy to help us plan and come with us on the weekends.
  • In conclusion: go out with Turkish friends all the time, go on trips every weekend, keep an open mind about EVERYTHING, ask questions, always contribute on projects, and try gozleme!

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