The Executive Committee of ICHMT will be able to offer some financial support to assist scientists and engineers to participate in its symposia. Priority will be given to students and to scientists early in their career from the Developing Countries.

Grants will normally cover the registration fee and not more than 50% of the other costs.

Online application is available or the application form should be downloaded, completed and sent as an email attachment no later than six months before the start of the symposium to:

Professor Faruk ArinÁ,
Secretary General, ICHMT
Email: arinc@ichmt.org

Applicants must arrange for a statement to be supplied by a senior officer of their Institution (university, laboratory etc.) to confirm that funds are not available from that institution, or from any other source, to support the complete costs of attendance. This statement should indicate the extent to which funds will be available from such sources. It must be sent separately from the application, by the officer of the Institution. It should be sent by fax or airmail, on institution letterhead, directly to

Professor Faruk ArinÁ, Secretary General, ICHMT
Mechanical Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University
06531 Ankara, Turkey. Fax: +90-312-210 1331 or 210 1266

An application cannot be considered if this statement has not been received by the closing date.

Applicants for grants will be informed of the outcome of their applications not later than four months before the start of the symposium.

The grants will be available from the Secretary General or the Symposium Chair at the Symposium, subject to presentation of proof of all costs relating to attendance at the meeting (including copies of all relevant receipts, tickets etc). The grant will not be paid unless full documentation is presented.

Applications may be submitted now for grants to assist participation in THMT-03: Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer IV, 12-17 October 2003. Applications must be submitted to Secretary General, ICHMT, by May 1, 2003.