Wednesday, October 15

15.30-18.00 POSTER SESSION

52 Fourier and Wavelet Analysis of Streamwise Vortices in a Supersonic Jet
V. Zapragaev, V. Pickalov, N. Kiselev and A. Nepomnyashchiy

  46 Scaling of Turbulent Boundary Layers on a Plate with Transpiration
I. I. Vigdorovich

  YN39 Numerical Investigation of the Relationship Between Lagrangian and Eulerian Statistics in a Turbulent Channel Flow
T. Ushujima, Yi Hu and O. Kitoh

  75 Effects of Turbulence Modulation on Mass and Heat Transfer: 3-D Numerical Predictions Based on Coupled Advanced Models for Turbulence and Evaporation
M. Chigrui and A. Sadiki

  49 Transport of Skin Friction Pulsation in a Turbulent Separated Flow Behind a Backward Facing Step
P. S. Zhanko and N. I. Miheev

84 Intermittency Based RANS Transition Modelling
K. Lodefier, B. Merci, C. De Langhe and E. Dick

2 The Effect of a Transverse V-grove on Turbulent Boundary Layer
Sutardi and C. Y. Ching

126 Experimental Investigation of Convective Mass Exchange Between Dispersed Flows in Valve-pulsatory Apparatus with Permeable Partition
A. R. Aliev, M. R. Aliev and R. Z. Aliev

  28 An Experimental Study of Temperature, Stream and Velocity Profiles in a Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat
M. Boumaza, D. Boukeffa and I. M. Mujtaba

  103 A Direct Schur-Fourier Decomposition Algorithm for DNS and LES in Low Cost Parallel Computers
M. Soria, X. Trias, C. D. Pérez-Segarra and A. Oliva

122 A New Approach to Shear Turbulence Modelling
B. P. Golovnya

  31 Modification of the v2-f Model for Computing the Flow in a 3-D Wall Jet
L. Davidson, P. V. Nielsen and A. Sveningsson

  YN014 Second Order Closing of Heat and Mass Transport Equations for Shear Turbulence
U. S. Abdibekov, S.S. Smagulov, B. D. Surapbergenov and N. B. Ussenbayev

  40 Modelling of Turbulence in Near-Wall Region of Free Convection Flow
A. W. Fedotov and L. Y. Nikolaeva

  108 Generalized Wall Functions for the Turbulent Flows with Strong Adverse Pressure Gradient
D. Ph. Sikovsky

22 Modelling of Underexpanded Jets Using Compressibility-Corrected k-eps Turbulence Models
M. Fairweather and K. R. Ranson

70 An Assessment of Non-Linear Eddy Viscosity RANS Models Applied to Complex Flows
A. Jouvrey and P. G. Tucker

102 Numerical Study of Different RANS Models Applied to Turbulent Forced Convection
J. E. Jaramillo, K. Claramunt, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, R. Consul and J. Cadafalch

  YN38 Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Square Duct with a Step Change in Surface Roughness
K. Munakata, M. Hirota, T. Yanagisawa, G. Koarai and H. Fujita

  YN 30 Numerical Simulations of the Flow around a Wing-Body Junction by Means of a Non-Linear k-eps Model
I. Kimura, T. Hosoda and S. Onda

YN27 Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Concentric Annulus with Rotation of the Inner Cylinder
N.-S. Woo, Y.-J. Kim and Y. K. Hwang

  100 Numerical Experiments in Turbulent Natural Convection Using Two-equation Eddy Viscosity Models
A. Alberts, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, J. Cadafaich, C. Lifante and K. Claramunt

  74 Three-dimensional Turbulent Natural Convection Air Cooling of Heat Sources Mounted on a Vertical Wall
R. Bessiah

  93 2-D Modelling of Turbulent Compressible Flow through a Nozzle
M. Y. Bouzid, and R. Dizene

  53 The Extended Model for Scalar PDF, Scalar Dissipation Rate and Isoscalar Surface Density Function in Homogeneous Turbulent Flow
V. A. Babenko, V.A. Sosinovich and J. V. Zhukova

14 A Method for Accounting for Ablation of Mass and Change of Vehicle Form for Burning Process of a Heat Shield on Breaking in an Atmosphere (??)
N. A. Udaloy, N. M. Ivanov, N. L. Sokolov and V. U. Pazdnikov

YN63 Optimal Control of Fluid Force around a Circular Cylinder for Incompressible Viscous Flow using Automatic Differentiation
Y. Takahashi and M. Kawahara

56 Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannel for Chatalytic Convertor both Experimentally and Numerically by CFD (??)
P. Matilainen and H. Tuomola

YN22 Enhancement of Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer under Non-uniform Electric Field
Ch. Chen, J. Yang, Y. Zhang and Ch. Yu

3 Numerical Study of Heat and Flow in a Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger with Vortex Generators
A. Sohankar and L. Davidson