October 12-17, 2003, Antalya, Turkey


  Sunday, October 12

16.00-19.00 Registration

19.00-20.00 Reception

  Monday, October 13

08.00-09.00 Registration

09.00-09.15 Opening

 09.15-10.00 Keynote Lecture: Large-Eddy Simulations of the Heat Exchanges in Turbulent Ducts
O. Métais
Session Chair: D. Laurence
10.00-10.20 Coffee Break

10.20-12.40 SESSION 1: Turbulence Structure, Heat and Mass Transfer (1)
Session Chair: K. Suzuki
Preferred Modes and Jet Column Modes in a Plane Jet and in a Passively Modified Plane Jet
J. F. Olsen, S. Rajagopalan and R. A. Antonia

Symmetries, Scaling Laws and DNS of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow
G. Khujadze, M. Oberlack

Sustaining Mechanism and Characteristics of Large Longitudinal Vortical Structure in a Turbulent Couette Flow
M. Umeki, O. Kitoh and R. Kameyama

  Regeneration Mechanism of Coherent Structres in Near-wall Turbulence
M. F. Baig and S. I. Chernyshenko

  The Role of Splatting Effect in High Schmidt Number Turbulent Mass Transfer Across an Air-Water Interface
Y. Hasegawa and N. Kasagi

  Turbulence Structure and Low Reynolds Number Effects in Shear-Free Boundary Layer
K. Nagata, J.C.R. Hunt and P. A. Davidson

  Developed Turbulent Flow in a Channel with Mass Exchange Through Porous Walls
U. Zhapbasbayev and Sh. Yershin

10.20-12.20 SESSION 2: Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (1)
Session Chair: G. Hetsroni
  Shocklets and its Effect on Characteristics in Decaying Isotropic Turbulence
D.Fu, Y. Ma and X. Li

  Dynamically Adaptive Multi-level Incompressible Flow Simulation Standing on Lifting Wavelet
T. Tsuji, T. Yokomine and A. Shimizu

  A Numerical Analysis of Navier-Stokes Equation Using Element-Free Galerkin Method
D. Nakai and M. Kawahara

Simulating Flows and Heat Transfer Around Rectangular Plates by an Immersed-Boundary Method
H. Liu, N. Nikitin and A. Yakhot

Direct Numerical Simulation of Decaying Turbulence Near Free-Slip Wall
O. Iida, Y. Sawada and Y. Nagano

  Effect of Wall Thermal Properties on the Mean Temperature Profile in Near-Wall Turbulence
I. Tiselj, A. Horvat B. Mavko, E. Pogrebnyak, A. Mosyak and G. Hetsroni

12.40-14.15 Lunch Break

14.15-15.00 Keynote Lecture: KN-Indoor/Outdoor Climate Design by CFD Based on the Software Platform
S. Murakami
Session Chair: B.E. Launder
15.00-16.20 SESSION 3: Turbulence Structure, Heat and Mass Transfer (2)
Session Chair: D. Markovich

  Similarity of Decaying Isotropic Turbulence with a Passive Scalar
R.A. Antonia and P. Orlandi

  Skin Friction Estimates in Rough Wall Turbulent Boundary Layers using Logarithmic and Power Law Profiles
O. G. Akinlade and D. J. Bergstrom

  Near-wall PDF Modelling of Turbulent Heat Transfer
J. Pozorski, M. Waclawczyk and J. P. Minier

Influence of Particle Rotation on the Interface Between Particle Cluster and Particle-Induced Turbulence
T. Kajishima

15.00-16.20 SESSION 4: Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (2)
Session Chair: O. Metais
  Reynolds- and Prandtl-number Effects on Turbulence Quantities through DNS of Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Channel Flow up to Ret=640
H. Abe, Y. Matsuo and H. Kawamura

  DNS in a Plane Vertical Channel with and without Buoyancy
L. Davidson, D. Cuturic and Shia-Hui Peng

DNS of Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Cavity: Effect of Three-dimensional Fluctuations
X. Trias, M. Soria, C. D. Pérez-Segarra and A. Oliva

Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Bénard Convection
I.B. Palymskiy

16.20-16.40 Refreshment Break

16.40-17.40 SESSION 5: Transition and Unsteadiness in Turbulent Heat and Mass Transfer

42 Heat Transfer in a Laminar Separation Bubble Affected by Oscillating External Flow
J. G. Wissink, V. Michelassi and W. Rodi

  59 Heat Transfer in the Transient Boundary Layer developing in Unsteady Flow
E. Epik

  YN15 Unsteady Heat Transfer from a Circular Cylinder for Reynolds Numbers from 3000 to 15000
H. Nakamura and T. Igarashi

16.40-18.20 SESSION 6: Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (3)

  50 Roughness Effects in Turbulent Channel Flow
A. Ashrafian and H. I. Andersson

80 Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Rotating Annular Pipes
A. A. Feiz, S. Benteboula, M. Ould-Rouis and M. Lauriat

  YN54 Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Separating Flow in an Asymmetric Plane Diffuser
T. Ohta, T. Kajishima, S. Fujii and S. Nakagawa

  YN26 Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Plane Impinging Jet
H. Hattori, Y. Murase and Y. Nagano

  YN55 Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Stagnation Region Heat Transfer
S. Bae and H. J. Sung

Tuesday, October 14

08.30-9.15 Keynote Lecture: Boiling Enhancement with Surfactants
G. Hetsroni, M. Gurevich, A. Mosyak, R. Rozenblit and Z. Segal

09.20-10.40 SESSION 7: Turbulence and Multiphase Flows (1)

  25 Statistical Models of Turbulent Collision of Inertial Particles
L. I. Zaichik, O. Simonin and V.M. Alipchenkov

  94 PDF Simulation of Particle Deposition in Turbulent Two-phase Flows
S. Chibbaro, A. Douce and J. P. Minier

  YN56 Control of Droplet Motion by Wall Jet and a Turbulence Promoter in Turbulent Dispersed Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in a Pipe
M. Tajima, N. Matsukura, M. Tanaka and Y. Hagiwara

55 Experimental Study of Inter-particle Collisions in Turbulent Pipe Flow
A. Y. Varaksin, T. F. Ivanov and M. V. Protasov

09.20-10.40 SESSION 8: Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (4)

  92 Synthetic turbulent inflow conditions for Large-Eddy Simulation
N. Jarrin, S. Benhamadouche, Y. Addad and D. Laurence

113 Specification of LES Inlet Boundary Conditions Using Vortex Method
F. Mathey, D. Cokljat, J.P. Bertoglio and E. Sergent

  96 LES of Near-Wall Turbulent Heat Transfer Using Dynamic SGS Models
D. J. Bergstrom, J. Ying and B. Wang

  YN17 A New Subgrid Eddy Viscosity Model with Application to Turbulent Channel Flow
G. Cui, H. Zhou, Zh. Zhang and L. Shao

10.40-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-12.20 SESSION 9: Turbulence and Multiphase Flows (2)

YN13 An Influence of Evaporating Drops on Heat Transfer and Turbulence in a Turbulent Gas-Steam Tube Flow
V. Terekhov and M. Pakhomov

  112 Reynolds Stress Model for Eulerian Multiphase
D.Cokljat, M. Slack and S. A. Vasquez

  111 Comparative Study of Euler/Euler and Euler/LagrangeAproaches Simulating Evaporation in a Turbulent Gas-Liquid Flow
R. Groll, K. Horvat, S. Jakirlic and C. Tropea

24 Some Aspects of Second-Order Transport Equations for the Turbulent 2-phase Medium
A. V. Dmitrenko

11.00-12.40 SESSION 10: Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (5)

  91 Large Eddy Simulation of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection Using a Local Subgrid Diffusivity Model
A. Sergant, P. Joubert and P. Le Quéré

  72 Large Eddy Simulation of Jets in Cross Flow
E. O. Kozaka, I. B. Özdemir and J. Warnatz

  YN21 Large Eddy Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Ribbed Channel
J. Ahn, H. Choi and J. S. Lee

YN57 Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Channel having a Wavy Bottom Wall
H. S. Choi, T. S. Park and K. Suzuki

  117 Analysis of Turbulent Mixing in Counterflow and Crossing Jets Configuration Using LES
B. Wegner, Y. Huai and A. Sadiki

12.40-15.00 Lunch Break

15.00-16.20 SESSION 11: Turbulence Closures for Heat and Mass Transfer (1)

9 Analyzing Turbulent Flows with Heat Transfer Using Representation Theory
L. H. Jin, R. M. C. So and T. B. Gatski

  YN43 Relation Between Fundamental Characteristics of Simple Turbulent Flows and a Non-Linear k-eps Model Constants
T. Hosoda, I. Kimura and S. Onda

  YN25 A New Low-Reynolds-Number Turbulence Model with Hybrid Time-Scales of Mean Flow and Turbulence for Complex Wall Flows
Y. Nagano and H. Hattori

109 Towards a Thermodynamically Consistent Anisotropy-Resolving Turbulence Model for Conjugate Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer
A. Sadiki, S. Jakirlic and K. Hanjalic

15.00-16.20 SESSION 12: (Reserve)

16.20-16.40 Refressment Break

16.40-18.00 SESSION 13: Turbulence Closures for Heat and Mass Transfer (2)

  YN40 Proposal of Turbulent Heat Flux Model with Consideration of Linearity and its Application to Turbulent Channel Flow with Various Thermal Boundary Conditions
Y. Seki, N. Kawamoto and H. Kawamura

32 Assessment of Realizability Constraints and Boundary Condition in v2-f Turbulence Models
A. Sveningsson and L. Davidson

YN48 Improvement of Second Moment Closure for Turbulent Obstacle Flow and Heat Transfer
K. Suga

58 Prediction of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Confined Channel Flow with Wall Injection
C. Fouriner, M. Michard and F. Bataille

16.40-18.20 SESSION 14: Turbulence-Related Heat and Mass Transfer Control and Augmenttaion

  10 Numerical Investigation of Film Cooling from Converging Slot-hole
A. Azzi

098 Influence of Turbulators in Blade Cooling Passages on Film Hole Discharge Coefficients under Special Consideration of Rotation
H.-P. Schiffer and J. Täge

  YN09 Structural analysis of turbulence transports for momentum and heat in a drag-reducing surfactant solution flow
F-Ch. Li, Y. Kawaguchi and K. Hishida

  YN10 DNS of Turbulent Heat Transfer of a Drag-Reducing Flow With Surfactant Additives
B. Yu and Y. Kawaguchi

  YN29 Heat transfer control of a backward-facing step flow in a duct with electro-magnetic actuators
K. Inaoka, K. Nakamura and M. Senda

  Wednesday, October 15

08.30-9.15 Keynote Lecture: Full-Field Velocity and Temperature Measurements Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Turbulent Complex Internal Flows
C.J. Elkins and J. K. Eaton

09.20-10.40 SESSION 15: New Experiments and Experimental Techniques (1)

YN58 High Spatial Resolution Time-Series PIV for Turbulence Measurement
M. Tanahashi, Y. Fukuchi, T. Saito, G. -M. Choi, K. Fukuzato and T. Miyauchi

  YN51 Experimental Study of Velocity-Pressure Correlation in Turbulent Mixing Layer
T. Omori, S. Obi and S. Masuda

  66 Measurement of the Turbulence Intensities in a Flat Plate Boundary Layer
G. Michell, V. Chernoray, L. Löfdahl, S. Haasl and G. Stemme

YN61 Experiments on a Three-Dimensional Wall Jet
H. Yano, S. Yamashita and Y. Inoue

09.20-10.40 SESSION 16: Turbulence Closures fir Heat and Mass Transfer (3)

  29 Ten Years of Industrial Experience with the SST Turbulence Model
F. R. Menter, M. Kuntz and R. Langtry

  30 Heat Transfer Predictions Based on Two-Equation Turbulence Models with Advanced Wall Treatment
T. Esch and F. R. Menter

  18 Analysis of RANS Turbulence Modelling in Different Types of Convective Turbulent Heat Transfer
B. Merci, C. De Langhe, K. Lodefier and E. Dick

110 A T-RANS Study of a Shear Flow Around Circular Cylinder Pertaining to Disperse Phase in Solid/Liquid Upward Duct Flow
B. Basara, S. Jakirlic and A. Alajbegovic

10.40-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-12.00 SESSION 17: New Experiments and Experimental Techniques (2)

  YN42 Aerodynamic Analysis of the Sharp Turn Channel Flow Using PIV
H. Nakayama, M. Hirota, Y. Ono and H. Fujita

  YN52 Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer of a Rectangular Block on the Wall of Parallel Plate Channel (Effect of the Opening Ratio)
T. Igarashi, H. Nakamura and T. Morita

43 Experimental Investigation of Interaction of Hydrodynamic and Heat Parameters in Turbulent Separating Flows
N. I. Miheev V. M. Molochnikov, I. A. Davletshin and P. S. Zanko

105 Application of the PDF's Method for Statistical Processing of the Experimental Data
O. Heinz, B. Ilyushin and D. Markovich

106 Near-Wall Characteristics of Impinging Turbulent Jet
S. Aleksenko, A. Bilsky, O. Heinz, B. Ilyushin and D. Markovich

11.00-12.20 SESSION 18: Hybrid RANS/LES and Transient RANS

  1 Hybrid k-l Based Large Eddy Simulation Modelling
P. G. Tucker, L. Davidson and Y. Liu

  8 Hybrid RANS-LES with Additional Conditions at the Matching Region
S. Dahlström and L. Davidson

  63 Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling with the Renormalization Group
C. De Langhe, B. Merci, K. Lodefier and E. Dick

76 On a Hybrid LES/RANS Approach and Its Application to Flow over a Matrix of Surface Mounted Cubes
B. Zhong, P. G. Tucker and Y. Liu

12.40-15.00 Lunch Break


15.30-18.00 POSTER SESSION

52 Fourier and Wavelet Analysis of Streamwise Vortices in a Supersonic Jet
V. Zapryagoev, V. Pickalov, N. Kiselev and A. Nepomnyashchiy

  46 Scaling of Turbulent Boundary Layers on a Plate with Transpiration
I. I. Vigdorovich

  YN39 Numerical Investigation of the Relationship Between Lagrangian and Eulerian Statistics in a Turbulent Channel Flow
T. Ushijima, Yi Hu and O. Kitoh

  75 Effects of Turbulence Modulation on Mass and Heat Transfer: 3-D Numerical Prediction Based on Coupled Advanced Models for Turbulence and Evaporation
M. Chrigui and A. Sadiki

  49 Transport of Skin Friction Pulsations in a Turbulent Separated Flow Behind a Backward Facing Step
P. S. Zanko and N. I. Miheev

84 Intermittency Based RANS Transition Modelling
K. Lodefier, B. Merci, C. De Langhe and E. Dick

2 The Effect of a Transverse V-grove on a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Sutardi and C. Y. Ching

126 Experimental Investigation of Convective Mass Exchange Between Dispersed Flows in Valve-pulsatory Apparatus with Permeable Partition
A. R. Aliev, M. R. Aliev and R. Z. Aliev

  28 An Experimental Study of Temperature, Stream and Velocity Profiles in a Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat
M. Boumaza, D. Boukeffa and I. M. Mujtaba

  103 A Direct Schur-Fourier Decomposition Algorithm for DNS and LES in Low Cost Parallel Computers
M. Soria, X. Trias, C. D. Pérez-Segarra and A. Oliva

122 A New Approach to Shear Turbulence Modelling Bypass Transition Analysis
B. P. Golovnya

  31 Modification of the v2-f Model for Computing the Flow in a 3-D Wall Jet
L. Davidson, P. V. Nielsen and A. Sveningsson

  YN014 Second Order Closure of Heat and Mass Transport Equations for Shear Turbulence
U. S. Abdibekov, S. Smagulov, B. D. Surapbergenov and N. B. Ussenbayev

  40 Modelling of Turbulence in Near-Wall Region of Free Convection Flow
A. W. Fedotov and L. Y. Nikolaeva

  108 Generalized Wall Functions for the Turbulent Flows with Strong Adverse Pressure Gradient
D. Ph. Sikovsky

22 Modelling of Underexpanded Jets Using Compressibility-Corrected k-eps Turbulence Models
M. Fairweather and K. R. Ranson

70 On Non-Linear RANS, , Hybrid and LES Models Applied to Complex Flows
A. Jouvray and P. G. Tucker

102 Numerical Study of Different RANS Models Applied to Turbulent Forced Convection
J. E. Jaramillo, K. Claramunt, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, R. Consul and J. Cadafalch

  YN38 Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Square Duct with a Step Change in Surface Roughness
K. Munakata, M. Hirota, T. Yanagisawa, G. Koarai and H. Fujita

  YN 30 Numerical Simulations of the Flow around a Wing-Body Junction by Means of a Non-Linear k-eps Model
I. Kimura, T. Hosoda and S. Onda

YN27 Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Concentric Annulus with Rotation of the Inner Cylinder
N.-S. Woo, Y.-J. Kim and Y. K. Hwang

  100 Numerical Experiments in Turbulent Natural Convection Using Two-equation Eddy Viscosity Models
X. Albets, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, J. Cadafalch, C. Lifante and K. Claramunt

  74 Three-dimensional Turbulent Natural Convection Air Cooling of Heat Sources Mounted on a Vertical Wall
R. Bessaih and A. Soudini

  93 2-D Modelling of Turbulent Compressible Flow through a Nozzle
M. Y. Bouzid, and R. Dizene

  53 The Extended Model for Scalar PDF, Scalar Dissipation Rate and Isoscalar Surface Density Function in Homogeneous Turbulent Flow
V. A. Babenko, V.A. Sosinovich and J. V. Zhukova

14 A Method for Accounting for Ablation of Mass and Change of Vehicle Form for Burning Process of a Heat Shield on Breaking in an Atmosphere
N. A. Udaloy, N. M. Ivanov, N. L. Sokolov and V. U. Pazdnikov

YN63 Optimal Control of Fluid Force around a Circular Cylinder for Incompressible Viscous Flow using Automatic Differentiation
Y. Takahashi and M. Kawahara

56 Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannel for Chatalytic Convertor both Experimentally and Numerically by CFD
P. Matilainen and H. Tuomola

YN22 Enhancement of Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer under Non-uniform Electric Field
Ch. Chen, J. Yang, Y. Zhang and Ch. Yu

3 Numerical Study of Heat and Flow in a Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger with Vortex Generators
A. Sohankar and L. Davidson

  Thursday, October 16

08.30-9.15 Keynote Lecture: Counter-Rotating Vortices Behind a Heated Cylinder
M. Ren, C.C.M. Rindt and A.A. van Steenhoven

09.20-10.40 SESSION 19: Turbulence and Thermal Buoyancy (1)

  107 The Negative Buoyant Wall Jet: Part 1: LES Database
Y. Addad, D. Laurence and S. Benhamadouche

  97 The Negative Buyant Turbulent Jet: Performance of Alternative Options in RANS Modelling
T. J. Craft, A. V. Gerasimov, H. Iacovides, J. W. Kidger and B. E. Launder

  77 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Large Air-filled Cavity
J. Salat, S. Xin, P. Joubert, A. Segent, F. Penot and P. Le Quéré

86 On the Influence of Buoyancy on Turbulence Production and Effectiveness of Heat Transfer in Vertical Flows
J. D. Jackson, X. Zeyuan and T.-H. Wu

09.20-10.40 SESSION 20: Complex Flow Phenomena - Computations (1)

11 A Computational Analysis of Turbulent Swirling Flows
A. C. Benim and A. Nahavandi

  65 Three-dimensional Turbulent Forced Convection Flow Adjacent to Backward-Facing Step
J. H. Nie and B. F. Armaly

  YN16 Performance of Reynolds-Averaged Turbulence and Scalar-Flux Models in Flow Fields with Impingement and Separation
K. Abe

34 Prediction of Flow Characteristics and Separation of Turbulent 3-D Cold Wall Jets with RSM
T. Törnström and B. Moshfegh

10.40-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-12.40 SESSION 21: Turbulence, Mixing and Reacting Flows (1)

  YN08 Mixing of Supersonic Liquid Fuel Jets Injected into Quiescent Air
S. Zakrzewski, B. E. Milton and M. Behnia

81 Two-point Modelling of Turbulent Scalar Mixing and a New Inertial Range Law
W. J. T. Bos, H. Touil, L. Shao and J. P. Bertoglio

  47 Stochastic Scalar Mixing Models Accounting for Intermittency
O. Soulard, N. Baricault, V. Sabel'nikov and M. Gorokhovski

  21 Modelling of the Ignition Characteristics of Flammable Jets Using a k-eps-y Turbulence Model
R. F. Alvani and M. Fairweather

11.00-13.00 SESSION 22: Complex Flow Phenomena: Computations (2)

85 Comparative Study of Turbulence Models Applied to Buoyancy-Opposed Convection in a Vertical Passage
W. S. Kim, J. D. Jackson and S. He

  YN50 Turbulent Impinging Jet onto a Co-Axial Rotating Disk
Y. Minagawa and S. Obi

  54 Turbulence and Velocity Fields of Slanted Jets in Cross Flow - Measurements and CFD Simulations
K. M. B. Gustafsson and T. G. Johansson

95 Numerical Investigation of the Film Cooling of a Flat Plate by Streamwise Injection from a Row of Holes
D. Charrared, S. Benmansour and R. Dizene

  48 The Numerical Modelling of 3-D Laminar and Turbulent Separated Flows
Y. D. Shevelev and F. A. Maksimov

  YN41 Statistical Characteristics of Vertical Gravitational Flow Impinging onto Horizontal Ground
Y. Nagata, K. Iyama, S. Obi and S. Masuda

13.00-15.00 Lunch Break

15.00-16.20 SESSION 23: Turbulence, Mixing and Reacting Flows (2)

YN62 A Large Eddy Simulation of Non-premixed Turbulent Flame and Nitric Oxide Production
N. Taniguchi, T. Tominaga, K. Inoue, M. Hirohata and T. Kobayashi

17 Study of k-eps Models in Turbulent Swirling Flows with Non-premixed Combustion
K. van Maele, B. Merci and E. Dick

44 Second Order Conditional Moment Closure Modelling of H2/He Turbulent Jet Diffusion Flames
M. Fairweather and R. T. M. Woolley

  73 Implementation of the Hierarchical Structure of the Combustion Processes into Intrinsic Low-dimensional Manifold Technique
B.A. Sen, I. B. Özdemir and J. Warnatz

15.00-16.20 SESSION 24: Complex Flows, Heat and Mass Transfer - Applications (1)

4 Turbulent and Stationary Convective Flow Field Around the Head of a Human
O. Ozcan, K. E. Meyer and A. Melikov

  16 Turbulence Modelling and its Effects on Electronic Systems
K. Dhinsa, C. Bailey, and K. Pericleous

  60 Analysis of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in a Square-sectioned U-bend
S. Etemad, M. Rokni, B. Sundén and O. Daunius

  118 Buoyancy-generated Turbulent Flows in Semi-Enclosed Regions: Application to the Dynamics of Tunnel Fires
M. K. Neophytou nd R. E. Britter

16.20-16.40 Refreshment Break

16.40-18.20 SESSION 25: Turbulence, Mixing and Reacting Flows (3)

114 PDF Simulation of a Bluff-body Stabilized Flame
B. Naud and D. Roekaerts

YN32 Turbulent Scalar Flux in Turbulent Premixed Combustion
S. Nishiki, T. Hasegawa, R. Borghi and R. Himeno

  YN59 Three-Dimensional Structure of H2-Air Turbulent Premixed Flames
Y. Nada, M. Tanahashi and T. Miyauchi

  20 A Radiative Flamelet Combustion Model for Turbulent Premixed Methane-Air Flames
C. Y. Ma, T. Mahmud and M. Fairweather

41 The Equation for Passive Scalar Gradient PDF in Homogeneous Turbulent Flow
V. A. Babenko, A. D.Chorny and V.A. Sosinovich

16.40-18.00 SESSION 26: Complex Flows, Heat and Mass Transfer - Applications (2)

  79 Crystallization on Heat Transfer Surfaces under Unsteady Flow Conditions
W. Augustin

  123 Influence of Air Ducts Systems on Airflow and Temperature Dispersion in a Truck
J. Moureh and D. Flick

  38 Mathematical Modelling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Forest Fire Initiation
V. Perminov

Friday, August 17

09.00- 12.00 Open Forum and Panel Discussion
(Topics to be defined)

12.00 Symposium Closure