TUESDAY, May 07, 2002

    SESSION 11: Enhanced Visualization & New Phenomena    

                     11.1   M. Shirakashi*, A. Watanabe, T. Takahashi, Y. Aruga
                     Start up behavior of viscoelastic fluid flow near capillary entry

                     11.2  T. Hirochi*, S. Yamada, T. Shintate, M. Shirakashi
                     Blocking phenomenon of ice/water slurry at the tube orifice

                     11.3  K. Okamoto*, S.D. Hong, H. Madarame
                     Stabilzation of the jet interface with chemical reaction

                     11.4  S.H. Cho*, I.S. Lee, J. H. Choi, Y.S. Nam
                     PIV Measurement and numerical analysis of the new refrigeration compartment of the refrigerator

                     11.5  R. Dai*, K.M. Chen, G.J. Luo
                     Optical visualization of gas-particle flow inside a centrifugal impeller

                     11.6  V.E. Orel, A.V. Romanov*, N.N. Dzyatkovskaya, Yu.I. Melínik
                     The algorithm for estimation of the chaos of patients with gastric cancer: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Mechanoemission in blood

                     11.7  M.E. Aguilera*, A. Lopez de Ramos
                      Effect of electrolytes on bubble coalescence in columns observed through visualization techniques

                     11.8  Y. Song, M. Nishio*, B. Chen, S. Someya, T. Uchida, M. Akai, S. Masuda
                      Measurement of density of CO2 solution by Mach-Zehnder interferometry

                     11.9  S.V. Bulanov, E.Yu. Echkina, I.N. Inovenkov, A.V. Leonenko*
                     Visualization of the structure of the MHD-singularity in 3D magnetic configurations