Dear Authors,

We have just received the guidelines for electronic printing of our figures (line illustrations and pictures) for the publisher of the Annals.

Please go over these guidelines carefully and proceed accordingly . Space limitation may rquire to reduce the number of figures to a minimum. Please present only the figures which suffice to make your message clear. Do not give obvious or self evident variations. If needed , state their existance in the text . This is obviously a demanding task, which only you can perform. Since we all want the best presentation in a sustainable lasting book, I trust that you will do your best.

Re: Color pictures. Pls make sure that your message goes through with Black & White figures .However, pls advise if you have a critical color picture, which is a cornerstone of your paper , and is critically needed to convey u'r message ! Pls note that color pictures are extremely expensive , and we will try to help in critical cases if u cant raise the funds.

Thank you for your cooperation in preparing the best presentation and the best possible volume in the Annals of the NYAS Pls do not hesitate to ask for additional information.

Looking forward to meet U soon in Antalya! Meanwhile , kindest regards!!!

Sam Sideman