Manuscript Submission

The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences have been been published since 1823, and have evolved into a highly regarded serial publication, ranked by the Institute of Scientific Information in the top 2% of scientific publications most frequently cited. The series includes proceedings of both Academy-sponsored conferences and selected non-Academy conferences from around the world. The Annals are included in the collections of more than 800 scientific libraries and research institutions around the world. In addition to the hardcover library edition, an attractive softcover edition is produced for worldwide distribution to individuals, including the ca. 25,000 members of the NYAS.

Since September 1999, the Annals also have been available online to libraries through Ovid Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of electronic information to the scientific, technical, and medical communities. In January 2002, fully searchable full text of the Annals volumes from 1998 forward will be available through ANNALS ONLINE, published in association with Stanford University Library's HighWire Press. After an initial open-access period, the ANNALS ONLINE will be available only to subscribing institutions and Academy members.

Proposals for Publication
The NYAS welcomes proposals to publish proceedings from scientific conferences, particularly those in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary areas related to biomedical sciences. If the topic of the meeting and the proposal materials are deemed appropriate for possible publication in the Annals, the proposal will be sent out for peer review. Proposals should be as complete as possible, in order to facilitate the review process. An offer to publish papers from the conference will be made based on the feedback obtained during the review process, which generally requires 6 to 8 weeks. Academy policy is to publish in a timely manner, and thus proposals to publish papers from conferences that have already been held will not be considered.

Elements of the proposal
A proposal to publish in the Annals should include the following elements:

    Submission letter from conference organizers;
  • Names of organizers and advisory panel members, with full addresses and affiliations;
  • Conference title, dates, and location;
  • Names of sponsors and funding sources;
  • Brief overview of the subject, including rationale for the conference and a statement of the goals and aims of the meeting, placing it in broad scientific context;
  • Conference program, including titles of plenary lectures and papers presented at sessions, and details of workshops or roundtables, if any; Speakers' addresses and full affiliations.

Publication Details
The Academy provides full editorial support to conference organizers and authors, and our in-house editors work with them to edit the manuscripts electronically and produce high-quality typeset volumes. Volume editors and primary authors receive complimentary copies of the softcover edition at no charge. Attractive discounts are available for bulk purchase of copies for distribution to meeting attendees.

Submitting the Proposal
The proposal to publish the proceedings of a conference should be submitted as far in advance of the meeting as possible.