Mehmet ARIK
1. Ebullient cooling of electronics: Future trends and recent advances
2. Thermal needs and challenges in next generation solid state lighting applications: Light emitting diodes

Volodymyr BATURKIN
1. Passive thermal control systems on heat pipes for space application and terrestrial technology
2. Systems for providing of isothermal mounting faces for the devices installed
3. Low temperature heat pipe systems for optical sensors cooling
4. Terrestial application of passive heat pipe systems

1. Variable conductance heat pipes: Modelling and applications
2. Two-phase heat transport systems for thermal control applications
3. Oscillating/pulsating heat transfer and thermal control devices (in acceleration environments ranging from micro-to supergravity)
4. Mechanically pumped two-phase thermal control loops
5. Multilayer thermal insulation blankets for terrestrial and space applications: Thermal modelling and experimental issues

1. Heat pipes, theory and practice
2. Passive thermal control in refrigeration and cooling