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Session Codes;

 Cavity Flow and Heat Transfer  IFHT:
 Internal Flow and Heat Transfer
COMB: Combustor and Combustion
JI: Jet Impingement Flow and Heat Transfer
 External Flow and Heat Transfer SA:
 Systems Analysis and Analysis Methods
EW:   End Wall Flow and Heat TransferTE:
 Trailing Edge Flow and Heat Transfer
 Film Cooling THT:
 Tip Flow and Heat Transfer
IC:   Inlet Air Cooling  


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26 CFHT  Large Eddy Simulation of Non-isothermal Flow in Rotor/stator Cavity Ewa TULISZKA-SZNITKO, Artur ZIELINSKI, Wojciech MAJCHROWSKI
59 CFHT  PIV Measurements of the Flow in a Rotating Cavity with a Radial Inflow Yu XIAO, X. LUO, G. Q. XU , J. N. SUN
8 COMB  Experimental Study of Equivalence Ratio Influence on Thermoacoustic Instability in Gas Turbines Nasser Seraj MEHDIZADEH, Nozar AKBARI, Reza EBRAHIMI
32 COMB  Thermal-mechanical Life Prediction in After Shell Section of Gas Turbine Combustion Liner Kyung Min KIM, Yun Heung JEON, Namgeon YUN, Dong Hyun LEE, Hyung Hee CHO
35 COMB  Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Reactants Velocity Effect on Instability of Premixed Combustion Chamber Nasser SERAJ MEHDIZADEH, Nozar AKBARI, Reza EBRAHIMI
51 COMB  Numerical Analysis of Effect of Porous Media on Combustion  Nihan ELMAS, Aydın MISIRLIOGLU
60 COMB  Heat Transfer Investigation of the Sub- and Supercritical Fuel Flow through a U-turn Tube C. B. ZHANG , Z. TAO , G. Q. XU , H. W. DENG, J. N. SUN
68 COMB  Coupling Study between heat Transfer and Aerodynamic Flow in Square-edged Inlet Phu Hung NGUYEN, Viet Hung NGUYEN, Eva DORIGNAC
12 EFHT  Turbine Vane Cascade Heat Transfer Predictions Using a Modified Version of the γ – reθt % Laminar-Turbulent Transition Model Evgueni SMIRNOV, Alexander SMIRNOVSKY
27 EFHT  Front Bulkhead Upstream Flow Effect on the Inlet Gide Vanes of MS5002B Gas Turbine Compressor D. CHERKERKER, Rabah DIZENE
30 EFHT  Modeling of Heat Transfer in Exhaust Nozzle of Gas Turbines Özge ALTUN, Y. Erhan BÖKE
31 EFHT  Effect of Temperature Distortion on HP Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics I. QURESHI, T. POVEY, K. S. CHANA, A. D. SMITH
46 EFHT  Convective Heat Transfer in an Experimental Intermediate Turbine Duct Carlos ARROYO, Gunnar JOHANSSON
 EW Numerical Simulation of the Endwall Heat Transfer in the Langston Cascade
Alexander M. LEVCHENYA, Evgueni M. SMIRNOV, Dmitry ZAYTSEV
44 EW An Experimental Study of Airfoil and Endwall Heat Transfer in a Linear Turbine Blade Cascade – Secondary Flow and Surface Roughness Effects Marco LORENZ, Achmed SCHULZ, Hans-Joerg BAUER


53 EW  Optimization of a Turbine Vane Endwall Using a Combined Natural and Numerical Approach S.O. NEUMANN, H. STEINBRÜCK, S. ZEHNER, B. WEIGAND
65 EW  Effects of Stator/rotor Leakage Flow and Axisymmetric Contouring on Endwall Adiabatic Effectiveness Ryan ERICKSON, Terrence SIMON
66 EW  Effects of Wheelspace Coolant Injection and Gap Geometry on Blade Endwall Heat/Mass Transfer Marco PAPA, V. SRINIVASAN, R. J. GOLDSTEIN, Fabio GORI
6 FC Study on Influence of Initial Wall Temperature Distribution on the Transient Measurement Results of Film Cooling Liu CUNLIANG, Hui-ren ZHU, Jiang-tao BAI , Du-chun XU
10 FC  Comparison of Film Cooling in the Presence of Various Mainstream Pressure Gradients Cun-liang LIU, Hui-ren ZHU, Guang-Chao LI, Du-chun XU
15 FC  Large Eddy Simulation of Internal coolant Cross-flow Effects on Film Cooling Wei PENG, Pei-Xue JIANG
16 FC  A Correlation-based Methodology to Predict the Flow Structure of Flows Emanating from Cylindrical Holes with Application to Film Cooling Tilman auf dem KAMPE, Stefan VOLKER
20 FC  Effect of Initial Coolant Conditions on Transpiration Cooling on Curved Surfaces Yuan Qing LIU, Pei Xue JIANG
23 FC  A Comparative Study of the Film Cooling Hole Configuration Effects on the Leading Edge of Asymmetrical Turbine Blade Mustapha BENABED, Abbès AZZL, B. A JUBRAN
25 FC  Effect of the Geometry of Film Cooling Holes on Heat Transfer Coefficient in Condition of Various Mainstream Pressure Gradients Xiao-wei ZHANG, Hui-ren ZHU, Guang-Chao LI, Du-chun XU
28 FC  Comparison Study of Closure Models for Modeling a Flow on Curved and Flat Plates. Film Cooling of Gas Turbine Blade Application Rabah DIZENE, A. BERKACHE, S. BENMANSOUR
29 FC  First Moment Closure Modeling of Film Cooling Effectiveness in Single Row of Cylindrical Holes Farzad BAZDIDI-TEHRANI, Hosein FOROUTAN, Mehran RAJABI-ZARGARABADI
43 FC  Effect of Internal Rib Configurations on the Discharge Coefficient of a 30-deg Inclined Film Cooling Hole Christian HENEKA, Achmed SCHULZ, Hans-Joerg BAUER
56 FC  Mixing of Air and CO2 Study on a Turbine Blade Yavuz Hakan ÖZDEMIR, Seyfettin BAYRAKTAR, Tamer YILMAZ
57 FC  Investigation of Film Cooled Rough Surfaces Using Large Eddy Simulation Prasad KALGHATGI, Sumanta ACHARYA
61 FC  Influence of Internal Cyclone Flow on Adiabatic Film Cooling Effectiveness Andreas LERCH, Heinz-Peter SCHIFFER
64 FC  The Effect of Embedded Vortices on Film Cooling with Compound Angle Orientations Hyo Kyung CHUNG, Joon Sik LEE
69 FC  Study on the Thermal and Flow Fields of Film Cooling with Shaped Film Cooling Holes Part 1 - Experimental Results Using Low Speed Wind Tunnel Kenichiro TAKEISHI, Satoshi HADA, Shohei MORI, Masaharu KOMIYAMA
70 FC  Study on the Thermal and Flow Fields of Film Cooling with Shaped Film Cooling Holes Part 2 - Numerical Results by RANS and DES Kenichiro TAKEISHI, Yutaka ODA, Tsuyoshi KITAMURA
37 IC  Technical and Economical Feasibility of Air Cooling Gas Turbine Units in the Middle East Area Syed M. ZUBAIR, Jameel R. KHAN, Thomas P. SCHMITT, Michael J. GROSS
49 IC  Assessment of Ejector Waste Heat Recovery Refrigeration for Pre-cooling Gas Turbine Inlet Air Andrey RADCHENKO
50 IC  Complex Recovering of Gas Turbine Waste Heat for Cooling of Turbine Cyclic Air by Ejector Refrigeration System Andrey RADCHENKO, Nikolai RADCHENKO
55 IC  Effective Evaporator Circuits of Waste Heat Recovery Refrigeration Systems for Pre-cooling Gas Turbine Inlet Air Roman RADCHENKO
14 IFHT  Heat Transfer Intensification in a System of Several Ribs Oriented at Different Angles to the Main Flow  Ya.I. SMULSKY, V. I. TEREKHOV, N.I. YARYGINA
17 IFHT  Predicting the Coolant Flow and Heat Transfer in Radial Turbine Blades Aidin PANAHI, Mozzafar Ali MEHRABIAN
21 IFHT  Effect of Rotation to the Cyclone Cooling Method Mass Transfer Measurements Nils WINTER, Martin KEGALJ, Heinz-Peter SCHIFFER
34 IFHT  Liquid Crystal Thermography for Transient Heat Transfer Measurements in Complex Internal Cooling Systems Rico POSER, Jens von WOLFERSDORF
4 JI Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics and Correlations of Jet Impingement Cooling of Gas Turbine Purna Chandra MISHRA
7 JI Influence of Height to Diameter Ratio on Impingement Heat Transfer on Effused Concave Surface M. Ashok KUMAR, B.V.S.S.S. PRASAD
19 JI  Experimental Study of Heat Transfer from Impinging Jet with Upstream and Downstream Crossflow Daniel THIBAULT, Matthieu FENOT, Gildas LALIZEL, Eva DORIGNAC
22 JI  Effects of Mach Number, Reynolds Number, and Jet Spacing on Surface Heat Transfer for a Full Array of Impinging Jets Matt GOODRO, Phil LIGRANI, Mike FOX, Hee-Koo MOON
41 JI  An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Impingement Heat Transfer in Airfoils Leading-edge Cooling Channel M. E. TASLIM, A. ABDELRASOUL
47 JI  Experimental (by tlc Method) and Theoretical Analyse of Heat Transfer Characteristics on a  Rectangular Cross-section Duct with Impingement Jet Unal UYSAL, Fatih SAHIN, M. K. CHYU
3 SA

A New Unsteady Fluid Network Approach to Simulate the Characteristics of the Air System of a Gas Turbine System

Shengping HOU, Zhi TAO, Shuiting DING
11 SA  Calculation of Gas Turbine Blade Temperatures Using an Iterative Conjugate Heat Transfer Approach Mangesh KANE, Savas YAVUZKURT
36 SA  A Novel Method for the Computation of Conjugate Heat Transfer with Coupled Solvers Verstraete TOM, Rene Van den BRAEMBUSSCHE
40 SA  Optimization of a Gas Turbine Stator Nozzle Cooling Using Genetic Alghoritms Biagio MORRONE, Andrea UNICH, Antonio MARIANI, Vincenzo de MAIO
45 SA  Cracks Formation on Exhaust Ducts for Naval Gas Turbines:Research on Causes and Use of a New Cr-Mn Austenitic Stainless Steel Hildebrando J. CRUZ, João L. AVEIRO, João C. VIEGAS, Rui F. MARTINS
48 SA  Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Method to Exergetic Analyses of Gas Turbines Yilmaz YORU, T. Hikmet KARAKOC, Arif HEPBASLI
54 SA  Combined Heat Exchange Intensification Techniques as a Key to Development of Automotive GTE’s Compact Heat Exchangers A. V. SUDAREV
58 SA  Spatio-temporal Identification of a Heat Source in a Diffusive by Solving a Reverse Problem Maamar ABDELKARIM , Younes TOUHAMI , Bachir BOUNEGTA
63 SA  Comparison of Counter – Rotating and Traditional Axial Aircraft Low-pressure Turbines Integral and Detailed Performances Leonid MOROZ, Petr PAGUR, Yuri GOVORUSCCHENKO , Kirill GREBENNIK
67 SA  Preliminary Design Procedure Developed for the Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Analysis of a Generic Cooling Technology Carlo CARCASCI, Stefano ZECCHI, Maurizio BARTOLI
18 TE Experimental Investigation of Turning Flow Effects on Innovative Trailing Edge Cooling Configurations with Elliptic Pin Fins Carlo CARCASCI, Francesco SIMONETTI
42 TE  Trailing Edge Film Cooling of Gas Turbine Airfoils –Effects of Ejection Lip Geometry on Film Cooling Effectiveness and Heat Transfer Tim HORBACH, Achmed SCHULZ, Hans-Joerg BAUER
33 THT  Heat Transfer Characteristics on Tip and Inner Rim Surfaces of Rotor Blade with Squealer Rim Jun Su PARK, Dong Hyun LEE, Woo Jin LEE, Hyung Hee CHO, Dong-Ho RHEE
38 THT  Advanced Aero-thermal Investigation of High Pressure Turbine Tip Flows Péter VASS, Tony ARTS
52 THT  Augmented Heat Transfer of an Internal Blade Tip by Full or Partial Arrays of Pin-fins  Gongnan XIE, Bengt SUNDEN, Lieke WANG, Esa UTRAINIEN
62 THT  Flow and Heat Transfer on and near a Transonic Turbine Blade Tip Qiang ZHANG, Devin O’DOWD, Phillip LIGRANI, Li HE, Andrew WHEELER
 39 POSTER  Impact of the Geometry on the Improvement of the Thermal Transfer of the Turbulent Flows Ahmed Zineddine DELLIL, Abbès AZZI



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To provide a forum for the international thermal and fluid sciences communities to present and review the most recent developments in heat transfer and thermal control applied to modern, high-temperature gas turbine systems.


The symposium will be held in the Dedeman Hotel , Antalya, a resort on the South West Coast of Turkey, which is very close to Aspendos , one of the archaeological gems of Western Turkey.  Read more...