The Tenth Conference on Electromagnetic & Light Scattering
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Table of Contents

P. Albella, F. Moreno, J. M. Saiz, and F. González. Microstructures located on flat substrates contaminated with small bosses: backscattering and substrate effects.

V. V. Barun and A. P. Ivanov. Effect of hemoglobin localization in erythrocytes on optical absorption by human blood.

M. J. Berg, C. M. Sorensen, and A. Chakrabarti. Extinction and the electromagnetic optical theorem.

F. Borghese, P. Denti, R. Saija, M. A. Iatì, and O. Maragò. Optical trapping of nonspherical particles in the T-matrix formalism.

A. Borovoi, A. Burnashov, and A. Cohen. Phase matrix for horizontally oriented ice crystals of cirrus clouds.

V. P. Budak and S.V. Korkin. The spatial polarization distribution over the dome of the sky for abnormal irradiance of the atmosphere.

Sh. R. Cloude. Polarization symmetries in electromagnetic scattering.

J. M. Dlugach and M. I. Mishchenko. Spectropolarimetry of planets: what observational data can be essential for correct microphysical retrievals of atmospheric aerosols.

S. Durant, J.-J. Greffet, O. Calvo-Perez, and N. Vukadinovic. Extinction coefficient in absorbing media: a theoretical and numerical study.

R. Eze, S. Kumar, N. Elkouh, P. Sorenson, and R. Hill. Monte Carlo for very thin layered media.

Ye. Grynko, Yu. Shkuratov, and G. Videen. Modeling lunar reflectance spectra.

D. Guirado, F. Moreno, and J. W. Hovenier. Circular polarization of light scattered by randomly built aggregates.

I. Gurwich, M. Kleiman, and N. Shiloah. Scattering from a long helix.

J. Hellmers, N. Riefler, T. Wriedt, and Yu. Eremin. Light scattering simulation by concave, peanut-shaped silver nanoparticles modeled on Cassini-ovals.

L. Hespel, M. Barthelemy, N. Riviere, A. Delfour, L. Mees, and G. Grehan. Temporal scattering of dense scattering media under ultra short laser light illumination: application for particle sizing.

A. Holdak and W. Siwers. The use of derivative spectrum of solution in regularization.

J. W. Hovenier and D. M. Stam. Filling a gap in multiple scattering theory.

M. Kahnert. A review of point-group symmetries in the T matrix and Green’s functions formalisms.

M. Kahnert, T. Nousiainen, and P. Räisänen. On the (in)accuracy of the spherical particle approximation in mineral aerosol radiative forcing simulations.

B. Khlebtsov, V. Khanadeev, V. Bogatyrev, L. Dykman, and N. Khlebtsov. Engineering of plasmon-resonant nanostructures for biomedical applications.

M. Kocifaj and G. Videen. Optical characteristics of composite ellipsoidal solid-phase aerosols with variable carbon content.

A. G. Kyurkchan and S. A. Manenkov. Application of the modified method of discrete sources for solving the problem of wave scattering by group of bodies.

A. G. Kyurkchan and E. A. Skorodumova. Solving the diffraction problem of electromagnetic waves on objects with a complex geometry by the pattern equations method.

A. G. Kyurkchan and N. I. Smirnova. Solution of wave diffraction problems by method of continued boundary conditions combined with pattern equation method.

P. Litvinov and K. Ziegler. Rigorous derivation of superposition T-matrix approach from solution of inhomogeneous wave equation.

V. A. Loiko, A. V. Konkolovich, and P. G. Maksimenko. Light modulation by polymerdispersed liquid crystal films with small nematic droplets.

V. A. Loiko, G. I. Ruban, O. A. Gritsai, V. V. Berdnik, and N. V. Goncharova. Mononuclear cells morphology for cells discrimination by the angular structure of scattered light.

V. L. Y. Loke, T. A. Nieminen, T. Asavei, N. R. Heckenberg, and H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop. Optically driven micromachines: design and fabrication.

D. W. Mackowski. Direct simulation of scattering and absorption by particle deposits.

O. Merchiers, F. Moreno, J. M. Saiz, and F. González. Coherence effects in systems of dipolar bi-spheres.

M. Mishchenko, I. Geogdzhayev, B. Cairns, and J. Chowdhary. Remote sensing of tropospheric aerosols from space: from AVHRR to Glory APS.

K. Muinonen and H. Erkkilä. Scattering of light by concave-hull-transformed Gaussian particles.

K. Muinonen and J. Torppa. Simplex inversion of asteroid photometric lightcurves.

O. Muñoz, H. Volten, J. Hovenier, T. Nousiainen, K. Muinonen, D. Guirado, F. Moreno, and R. Waters. The scattering matrix of large Libyan desert particles.

J. Näränen, H. Parviainen, K. Nygård, and K. Muinonen. Soft X-ray spectroscopy at small to medium phase angles: theoretical and empirical studies.

T. Nousiainen. Impact of particle shape on composition dependence of scattering.

Y. Okada, T. Mukai, I. Mann, S. Itaru, and S. Mukai. Reduction of iterations for the linear equation solutions in DDA – application for the orientation averaging of irregularly shaped particles.

F. J. Olmo, A. Quirantes, H. Lyamani, and L. Alados-Arboledas. Aerosol optical properties assessed by an inversion method using the solar principal plane for non-spherical particles.

H. Parviainen and K. Lumme. Light scattering from rough thin films: DDA simulations.

A. Penttilä and K. Lumme. Coherent backscattering effects with Discrete Dipole Approximation method.

D. Petrov, Y. Shkuratov, and G. Videen. Applying Sh-matrices to two merging spheres.

V. Psarev, A. Ovcharenko, Yu. Shkuratov, I. Belskaya, G. Videen, A. Nakamura, T. Mukai, and Y. Okada. Photometry of powders consisting of dielectric and metallic spheres at extremely small phase angles.

A. Quirantes, L. Alados-Arboledas, and F. J. Olmo. Correction factors for a total scatter/backscatter nephelometer.

K. F. Ren, F. Xu, and X. Cai. Light scattering properties of a spheroid particle illuminated by an arbitrarily shaped beam.

N. Riviere and L. Hespel. Identification of radiative parameters of dense scattering media with polarization analysis.

V. Rosenbush, N. Kiselev, N. Shakhovskoy, S. Kolesnikov, and V. Breus. Circular and linear polarization of comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT). Why circular polarization in comets is predominantly left-handed?

S. Savenkov, R. S. Muttiah, V. V. Yakubchak, and A. S. Klimov. Anisotropy parameters for Chlorophytum leaf epidermis.

S. N. Savenkov, K. E. Yushtin, R. S. Muttiah, and V. V. Yakubchak. Matrix model of inhomogeneous medium with generalized birefringence.

M. Schnaiter, R. Schön, O. Möhler, H. Saathoff, and R. Wagner. Backscattering linear depolarization ratio of laboratory generated ice clouds composed of pristine and complex-shaped ice crystals.

Yu. Serozhkin, O. Kollyukh, and Ye. Venger. Detection of dust grains vibrations with a laser heterodyne receiver of scattered light.

O. S. Shalygina, V. V. Korokhin, L.V. Starukhina, E. V. Shalygin, G. P. Marchenko, Yu. I. Velikodsky, O. M. Starodubtseva, and L. A. Akimov. Researching the physical conditions in Jupiter atmosphere using remote sensing methods.

Yu. Shkuratov, N. Opanasenko, A. Opanasenko, E. Zubko, Yu. Velikodsky, V. Korokhin, and G.Videen. Mapping the Moon in Pmin.

N. I. Smirnova and A. G. Kyurkchan. Pattern equation method based on Wilcox representation.

A.-M. Sundström, T. Nousiainen, and T. Petäjä. The effect of particle size, composition, and shape on lidar backscattering.

V. P. Tishkovets. Backscattering of light from a layer of densely packed random medium.

J. Tyynelä, E. Zubko, G. Videen, and K. Muinonen. Interrelating angular scattering characteristics to internal electric fields of wavelength-scale Gaussian particles.

Z. Ulanowski, C. Stopford, E. Hesse, P. H. Kaye, E. Hirst, and M. Schnaiter. Characterization of small ice crystals using frequency analysis of azimuthal scattering patterns.

A. A. Vinokurov, V. G. Farafonov, and V. B. Il’in. Comparison of LS methods using single expansions of fields.

N. V. Voshchinnikov and H. K. Das. On the polarizing efficiency of the interstellar medium.

M. J. Wolff, R. T. Clancy, and M. D. Smith. Status of the remote sensing of Martian aerosols.

T. Wriedt and J. Hellmers. New Scattering Information Network project for the light scattering community.

T. Wriedt and R. Schuh. Decomposition of objects for light scattering simulations with the nullfield method with discrete sources.

M. A. Yurkin, A. G. Hoekstra, R. S. Brock, and J. Q. Lu. Systematic comparison of the discrete dipole approximation and the finite difference time domain method.

A. A. Zardini and U. K. Krieger. Sizing non-spherical, evaporating aerosol particles using “white” light resonance spectroscopy.

E. Zubko, H. Kimura, T. Yamamoto, and H. Kobayashi. Differences in polarimetric properties of cometary jets and circumnucleus halos.